Monday, December 31, 2012

In Memoriam: Juan Pablo Otero

On December 11th, 2012 Juan Pablo Otero of Washington, DC passed away after a brave fight against cancer. He leaves his wife, Dr. Susan Early Otero, and three children; Guillermo Pablo, Luis Francisco and Maria Elisa. Pablo was one of the first Latino bank managers in DC and highly respected in the community.   Pablo was an advocate for education for Latino youth and served on the board of the San Miguel School, a middle school employing intensive pedagogical techniques to prepare immigrant Latinos for high school. Pablo was also a wonderful friend and donor to OYE. His two sons, Pablo and Lucho, traveled to El Progreso several times to volunteer at OYE and they made solid contributions to the work there.

Juan Pablo Otero and his family
One of the many sisters of Juan Pablo Otero is Maria Otero, a long time supporter of OYE and mother of Justin, David and Ana Marisa Eldridge-Otero. Justin is a co-founder of OYE and both David and Ana Marisa have volunteered at OYE, with David leaving memorable artwork in the office and on the streets of El Progreso.

Laura and Lucia Otero, daughters of Francisco (Pancho) Otero from Santa Cruz, Bolivia who spent a summer at OYE are nieces of Juan Pablo. Laura and Lucia painted the awesome Mayan mural in OYE’s meeting room. Another nephew, Gabriel Lemos (son of BB Otero and Fernando Lemos) has volunteered with OYE several times.

The entire Otero family has contributed to OYE, with their volunteer time and with their financial assistance. Dana Vagnoni, wife of Fernando Otero is a CPA who donates her time to verify OYE’s financial statements and filings with the IRS.

Lucho, Gabo & Pablo volunteering in Honduras
However, the most enthusiastic and steadfast cheerleader of all of OYE is Juan Pablo’s mother, Maria Teresa Otero. “Abuela” as most all in OYE call her, meets weekly with a bible study group from Blessed Sacrament Parish in Washington, DC. Every week "Mrs. OYE," as her friends now refer to her, talks about OYE and passes around the “collection basket.” Several times a year Abuela recruits people to match the donations and at those times she delivers even more money for OYE. She is constantly asking about the becados and for more stories of their successes to be able to report back to her group.

OYE extends its deepest sympathy to the Otero family for the loss of Juan Pablo. OYE also expresses its profound appreciation to all the Otero’s who have been key to its growth.

The Otero Family

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fernando Alvarado

Fernando Alvarado was a friend, a role model, and a hero to many folks in the OYE community. His spirit was contagious, and he had a special knack for reaching out to and inspiring the youth he met. Our thoughts and prays go out to Fernando and his family.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Resume Building

The US Ambassador to Honduras once asked how our scholarship students participating in art are being prepared to meet the demands of job markets and succeed as professionals.

The answer to that question is an integrated education experience. OYE’s scholarship students receive scholarships to continue their studies, capacity building classes to grow as individuals and leaders,  community based projects to make a social impact and grow as citizens, and now we are beginning a professional skills building workshop to grow as young professionals.

 Thanks to our partnership with KM2 Solutions, a San Pedro based call contact center, and Walter Molinari we are happy to have participated in a resume building workshops.  Fourteen of our university students traveled to Altia Business park in San Pedro Sula to learn how to draft an effective resume.

The Resume Building Workshop was just one of several planned. At the beginning of the new year, we will continue these workshops. The next workshop will introduce interview tips and practice. This corporate alliance will help OYE give its scholarship students the tools they need to succeed in the world of business.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reality and Literature

Today OYE's Circulo de Lectura interprets and applies the literature of Honduras' Ramon Amaya Amdor to present day Honduran reality.

Author Ramon Amaya Amador

Mr. Amador is famous for his social activism and analysis of Honduran reality and social injustice in the 1950s and 1960s. His journalistic efforts around the banana plantations, which he dubbed the Green Prison, culminated in the creation and publication of his most famous book Prision Verde. The book straddles the line between history and fiction-reporting and analysis. If one reads closely they may encounter the particular lens that Amador viewed the world through. That lens is the same that applies to his book Cipotes.

Cipotes - Kids

OYE's reading group, working with Program Coordinator Luis Paredes, selected this book because it addresses the reality of Honduran youth. Although it was written over 50 years ago and set in Tegucigalpa, the characters and the story are very relevant to the 12 OYE scholars. Without giving away any important details, the story follows the lives of Folofo and Catica-two children growing up with a single mother that shine shoes and sell newspapers to survive and support themselves.

Cover of Cipotes
As we dissect the themes of the novel, hands fly into the air drawing connections between the novel and present day Honduras. Why was Folofo shining shoes at 11 years old? For the same reason that we see 11 year olds juggling on every other corner of San Pedro Sula today. 

Folofo was selling the Diario and El Cronista in the 1950s and today El Tiempo and La Prensa depend on the same child labor to sell their product.

Responsibility and injustice are two important themes in the novel Cipotes that touch a live nerve in today's Honduran youth. Beyond the exploitation and necessity of youth the book and the scholars analyze the causes as well.

What are the causes? To begin with there is a lack of respect for law and institution. This is compounded by a lack of civil society to strengthen these institutions. Secondly, as a society, Hondurans needs to insist upon and implement a government that protects its citizens and not just its businesses. Finally, Honduras needs to provide opportunities to health, education, and just employment to all of its citizens.

"Muchas de las cosas que viven las personajes vivia mi madre" - Sandra
"My mother shared many of the experiences lived by the characters"  - Sandra
The novel was written over 50 years ago, but its themes and events are fresh in the memory of Honduras.
Despite the anachronisms the story could be taking place today in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro, or El Progreso. At the end of the exercise Luis leaves us all with this:
"Now we have to decide what we do and how we confront this reality. How can we each commit to make an impact in our own way?" - Luis
Whether exploitation and injustice is taking place here in Honduras  or in your own neighborhood, it is important that we all ask ourselves this question: How can we commit to making a positive impact in our community?

Arte La Calle 2012

Maybe it started with Ana Luisa Ahern or Justin Otero. Maybe Katherine Burdine, Eduardo Umanzor, and Michael Solis all contributed something to the program, but this, folks, is youth led, youth inspired, and youth produced.

Gerald, the scholarship student coordinating OYE's Art Program, put this video together to reflect on just two of the various murals these students realized in 2012. Keep your eyes peeled for Part II of the 2012 videography of Arte La Calle 2012.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Central American Youth Leadership Conference

What happens when young professionals from seven different youth leadership foundations come together?

Something great!

Standing Right to Left: Marisol, Gari, Lucy, Gladys
Below Right to Left: Samuel, Michele, Cesar, Hector

This past weekend OYE Honduras organized the Central American Youth Leadership Conference. Financing and organization for this event came from Michele Frix and Seattle International Foundation. The passion of Seattle International Foundation and Michele to empower Central American youth energized and drove the conference.

Organizations invited to the conference included Comunicandonos and Ashoka Central America from El Salvador, Global Visionaries and IncideJoven from Guatemala, Teensmart from Nicaragua, and tours truly OYE Honduras. Representatives from each organization made fast friends in Aeropuerto Internacional de El Salvador, where they serendipitously met. Hunched over laptops practicing their presentations many participants realized they were sitting within feet of each other, and after brief introductions the rest was history.

Conference members exchange contact information and plan future actions
 The five youth representing their NGOs and Michele did not waste time with formalities. By the time Sam, OYE’s Development Coordinator, picked the participants up from the San Pedro Sula Airport they were old friends.  Perhaps “old friends” is not the best choice of words as many of these same participants commented on how pleased they were to see such young representatives attending the conference. The average age of the conference could       not have been more than 25!

Beyond the immediate friendships formed, the conference highlighted many commonalities between the organizations. Before, after, and during the conference youth empowerment and development were discussed in depth.  Each NGO introduced its own expertise, knowledge, and experience to the conference. While it was inspiring to see the various ways different NGOs approached the theme of youth empowerment, the consistencies between NGOs was even more enlightening. Each NGO shared the powerful notion that our youth are not only the future but also the present, and so should be leaders not just tomorrow but today. The NGOs agreed that youth development needs to have communal support and a communal impact. Finally, a general conclusion from the conference suggests that youth development is an integrated process that involves formal education, personal development and space to express oneself. In light of this conviction, the NGOs involved place significant focus on art and communication projects.
Walter present's KM2 Solution's unique Corporate Social
Responsibility plan and Social Media tools

At a final reflection of the conference all representatives agreed that not only was it a fun event, but it planted an important seed for future collaboration. The first project that invites of Central American Youth Conference will realize together is a regional news bulletin.  Within the week we expect to have drafts of news updates and important development events from each of the participating NGOs. OYE’s magazine coordinator Jarly Yanez will synthesize the articles and design the regions first youth news bulletin. Each foundation is looking forward to pioneering this international network of youth development.

Find out more about the participants by viewing their sites:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All Applicants Welcome

November means applications galore.

OYE is in the process of disseminating applicants to El Progreso's community of at-risk youth for the upcoming 2013 year. Being part of OYE is a great opportunity for El Progreso's youth, and we are excited to offer 27 new scholarships for the upcoming year. That means 27 more students with the opportunity to pursue our program of integrated education, social service, and hands on learning.

OYE has always been blessed with incredible students. In fact, everyone that knows OYE always reflects on the quality and leadership of OYE's beneficiaries. I suppose in some sense we have to understand that as much as OYE's youth benefit from OYE's programs, OYE's programs equally benefit from its youth. The unique nature of youth ownership and involvement of youth in OYE's projects requires exceptional students to be successful.

To find exceptional youth, OYE has designed a three step application process. The process identifies at-risk Honduran youth with economic necessity, leadership qualities, and a desire to make a positive impact in the community.

  1. The first step is a simple application that includes personal information, household composition and income, and several short essay questions. Attached to the application are grades. OYE grades these applications on completeness, economic necessity, personal qualities as illustrated by essays, and grade point average (target 80% and above). 
  2. The second step is a personal interview conducted at the OYE office. Youth invited to this interview have the opportunity to further explain their case. The interviews have a basic structure, but allow the interviewing committee, composed of OYE staff and local leaders, to learn more about each individual taking them case by case. These interviews are also given a score.
  3. The third and final step is a home visit. The home visit allows OYE's interviewing committee to collaborate the information shared in the application and personal interview, meet the family, and explain to the requirements of OYE to both the student but the parents or guardian responsible. During this visit OYE has the opportunity to establish an important relationship potential scholars families. It is essential that the parents and guardians understand exactly what OYE consists of due to the time commitment required on weekends. This is an important step to ensure the economic necessity as much as verify the support of the family to ensure that if a scholarship is offered OYE will have the participation of the youth without conflict.
The process is long, but has proven effective. Every year OYE identifies new young leaders to empower. One thing is for sure, the demand for scholarships and leadership training far outweighs the number of scholarships that OYE can afford to offer. This year OYE will disseminate 200 applications, on top of the 45 re-applications for existing scholars. It is a shame that we can only accept 75.

Yarli and Fabiola inform the public about OYE Applications of Radio Progreso

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Forming Young Artists

We Make Art!

When it rains it pours in Honduras, and this past week it was pouring art. KM2 Solutions invited OYE’s art program to join forces with a local San Pedrano artist to create one of OYE’s most recent murals. 

Gerald Velasquez 
Early Saturday morning the youth coordinator of  OYE’s Art La Calle program Gerald Velazquez, OYE’s director Marisol Fuentes, and several art participants arrived with the first light of day to the office. Snacking on baleadas and wondering what the day had in store for them, they patiently waiting the driver sent to collect them and deliver them to KM2 in San Pedro Sula. Over two months ago KM2 had started a dialogue with OYE about painting a mural in their office. Today that dialogue would come to fruition. But no one knew how it   would turn out.

In August KM2 introduced OYE and Gerald to a mysterious young artist named Jorge from San Pedro. The idea was that Jorge and Gerald would collaborate on the creation of a mural for the rapidly expanding call center. The meeting went smoothly-the two artists tossing around ideas and deciding on a few basic concepts. Everyone present left the meeting confident that in a week or two we’d be splashing some fresh paint on one of the stifling clean and sterile walls of Altia Business Park, hopefully giving the industrial behemouth some real soul and character.

Gerald's Draft - Two Youth with Mayan roots and modernity in the background.

Upon return to the OYE offices, Gerald worked day and night preparing drafts to share with Jorge and KM2.  He sent emails and follow ups but heard nothing back. Sam stepped in and communicated with Walter from KM2: “What happened to Jorge? Have you heard anything?”

The mysterious artista was off the map. The days lapsed into weeks and the weeks into months, and still no Word from Jorge. Gerald’s persistent questioning and eager attitude ebbed, and it seemed like the KM2 mural was a lost cause.

Suddenly, an email from Walter kicked the Project into high gear. The US ambassador would be visiting KM2 to learn about its relationship with OYE in two weeks. It was time to get some of that OYE youth heart and soul on the walls of KM2.  On Tuesday, an ultimatium was sent out to Jorge who finally found his keyboard and answered Wednesday. In three days OYE, Jorge, and KM2 would be putting this mural together. Jorge would be sending drafts, incorporating Geralds work, to KM2 by no later than Friday, and work would begin on Saturday.

Friday rolled around and Walter, coordinating everything on behalf of KM2, called with a little strain in his voice. Jorge had not forwarded any drafts-nor answered calls/emails. As he arranged transportation, Walter urged Gerald to have a Plan B ready.

As the OYE mural delegation arrived to KM2 at 9 AM there was no sign of Jorge. They toured the building and saw the wall that they would soon be taking over. KM2 provided refreshments as the OYE art group nervously waiting Jorge’s arrival or Walter’s go ahead to execute Plan B. KM2 held out until about mid-day when Jorge and his artist friend finally arrived in time for lunch.

Step One: Paint a Background - Jorge and Friend

After lunch they approached the wall and begin to paint. To the surprise of OYE’s younger art students they paint in with Fast bold brush strokes. They were demonstrating a new technique that the OYE students had not seen befote. Each artist freely used color and shading to craft surreal faces that came alive from the magical background. The end product created mixed reactions among OYE’s art students. Some rejecting the surreal elements of the painting, while others appreciated the creative and expressive use of color.

As the two artists concluded the surreal youth faces, OYE’s students began painting the organizations signature Maya letters. The final product a diverse and interesting merger of three distinct styles and techniques. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adobe Update

What do Friday and Saturday have in common?

The OYE office is full of local youth! Over 60 local youth, coming as far as Santa Rita (45 minutes by bus), are participating in OYE Adobe Youth Voices Project. These youth are learning photo and video editing techniques Friday morning, Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning.

While we are just beginning to play with our new cameras and explore the Adobe programs, but the most exciting part of this project has been the evolution of the youth. We have lead team building exercises that have focused on highlighting important youth themes and practicing ways to express oneself. With every exercise our participants become more animated and willing to participate. Youth that never expressed opinions are now analyzing, and planning video/photo projects that will analyze themes like "machismo" and "what it means to be a youth in Honduras."

So far this project has received incredible support from the community. We have had the pleasure of receiving in kind support from businesses like Acosa for the purchase of our Cameras. Local NGOs have recommended youth to participate in our program including, Pronino, Casa de Cultura, Vision Mundial, Comvida, and Caritas. And, we have to give a special thanks to Martin, who shared a workshop of photography, and KM2, that brought actors to lead some dynamic workshops helping the youth find their voices and tell there stories.

In conclusion, OYE is blessed to have the community of support that surrounds us and such incredible youth to work with. The project is going great and will continue to be a grand success.

Check back tomorrow for updates on OYE's mural projects.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

OYE Students and Staff Attack New Projects

September is a month of beginnings for OYE. We begin working on a social media project with Adobe Youth Voices, our art students begin a mural at KM2's office, OYE staff will be presenting its first comprehensive socio-economic investigation of El Progreso, and all of our programs will begin planning for next year.

Adobe Youth Voices is an awesome project that introduces youth to the dynamic Adobe programs Photoshop and Premier Elements 10 and teaches them how to leverage socio/multi-media technology in order to send a message. Starting September 21, OYE will be working with 70 youth from El Progreso teaching different photo and video editing techniques. Along with technical skills OYE will lead the local youth in exercises that build their capacity to express themselves. The final goal of this project is to create a space utilizing multi-media to permits local youth to express themselves and contribute to a dialogue on themes that are important to them.

It has been a long time since OYE youth created their own social media projects. Under the leadership of founders Justin Otero and Ana Luisa Ahern OYE scholars produced Fotos de mi Pueblo, embedded below. This photo journal tells the story of El Progreso, Honduras through the eyes of OYE's youth. 

More recent social media projects undertaken at OYE include volunteer Richard Lakin's "Cipotas Empoderadas," a ten minute film following four of OYE's incredible scholars. Once again the ball is in the hands of local youth, and we are excited to see what they come up with, what themes, mediums, and messages they use.

KM2 is running this building! Occupying the Lobby and first floor, the third
floor and the penthouse 14th floor.  Check out this article on their growth:
KM2, OYE's shining star in Honduras, is a call center based out of  San Pedro Sula, Honduras that has taken a keen social interest in OYE. They have donated computers and checks to OYE, but now they give us the greatest gift of all-a WALL. KM2 has invited OYE to design and paint a mural on one of the walls in their office at Altia Business Park. For those of you not familiar with San Pedro, I'm guessing that includes most of the blog readers, this is like designing a mural in Trump Towers. We look forward to dressing up one of Honduras' tallest buildings.

OYE Prepares its Socio-Economic Study for Presentation

OYE staff and students develop and execute a socio-economic study in association with World Vision. After months of research, proposals, drafts, and interviews OYE is concluding its study of community development in the NorthWestern Quadrant of El Progreso. The study analyzes the perceived shortcomings of community development as seen by heads of households. Hosted by World Vision, OYE will be presenting the results of its investigation to a group of interested NGO and community leaders in Tela, Honduras at the end of this month. This is the first time OYE has participated in a research project of this scale. We have done so with the hope that this study and the recommendations born from it will serve as a guide in future development projects initiated by World Vision and fortify the relationship between these our NGOs.

Study Snap-shots!

Conducting first person interviews.
"Not a single head of household interviewed over the age of 52 has achieved a university education."
 "94% of the heads of household interviewed view remissions as an important factor in the community. Only 4% believe that remissions are unnecessary."
"79% of the heads of households interviewed have a positive attitude about the possibility of making socio-economic improvements in their community"

Finally, we are entering that magical phase of the year that involves planning. OYE is looking at a strategic expansion of our projects. We always have the goal of self-sustaining projects and this year we will be making some serious infrastructural investments to make those a possibility. This involves technical equipment for both the radio and magazine group. We are looking thinking about mobility for the radio to take their show on the road and record live events. Our magazine is poised to enter a feverish growth phase as we bring the ability to print in-house to OYE. The end result is that large upfront costs will move these programs to the next, more professional level. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School; Determining the Media Preferences of Youth

Although Honduran colleges are on a two-week vacation and local high schools are in the middle of their semester, they offices of OYE have quite literally emptied sending staff and scholars back to school. Instead of receiving classes OYE is passing out investigations. Designed by Shawon Jackson and Viviana Mardones, Princeton volunteers, in conjunction with Luis Paredes, Yarli Yanez, and Fabiola Oro these investigations are designed to improve OYE’s radio and magazine projects.

OYE’s study, Determining the Media Preferences of Youth in El Progreso, examines youth expectations and preferences in regards to radio and magazine media to ultimately improve its communications programs. To complete this study OYE will visit 6 local high schools and interview 680 youth between the ages of 12 and 18.  

The focus area of 12 – 18 years of age has proved surprisingly inclusive as 45% of Honduras’ population is under the age of 18. Data collection for this study is going exceedingly well. With a slightly late start yesterday OYE completed data collection at Saint Elizabeth, a small Catholic school, and began collecting interviews from La Perla. La Perla, El Progreso’s largest high school yielded over 100 interviews yesterday but will be a multi-day process. To facilitate the interviews OYE has reached out to its network of educators. As OYE arrives to the schools, teachers invite the team into their classroom to administer the interview. The process has been smooth and effective so far, and within two days the interview process should be complete.

Many thanks go out to Shawon Jackson and Viviana Mardones who have invested countless hours into making this a professional and accurate study. These two volunteers have polished their investigative skills conducting ideological and literature reviews and working hand in hand with Luis Paredes to design a high quality investigation that will produce recommendations for improvements to OYE’s radio and magazine projects. By revealing a deeper level of understanding about what youth look for in these media outlets, OYE can reach out to El Progreso’s youth population in more effective ways and leverage the work down by these volunteers long after they are gone.

Stay tuned here for updates on this investigation and reflections from OYE volunteers.

Shawon Jackson

"I'm hoping to learn more about the nuances of surveying adolescents - understanding the various variables, for example, that can impact our results. Additionally, I'm hoping to become more comfortable speaking with Hondurans, in order to better my Spanish skills."

Viviana Mardones
"I am entering my junior year and will be doing social investigations of my own, and this [investigation] has given me an inside look at what its really like."

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Special Thanks to KM2

 To a Great Future with KM2 Solutions!

Walter Molinari hands OYE director Marisol Fuentes a
donation of 26,977.60 Lempira, on behalf of KM2 Solutions
OYE is proud to announce the growth of a strong relationship with KM2 Solutions. Beyond the monetary support, OYE is looking forward to building a great relationship and a great future with KM2 Solutions.

KM2 has demonstrated a real desire to contribute to OYE’s philosophy of integrated development and make a difference in its community. This means they are giving more than money. Walter, KM2’s public relations manager, has taken the initiative to reach out to OYE in dynamic ways. We look forward to innovative collaborations with KM2 staff and facilities to bring our capacity building classes to a new level. Ideas for future alliances include incorporating Ted-talks into our capacity building program to touch on pertinent themes and stir a dialogue that will be moderated by professionals form the offices of KM2.

Although KM2 is a multinational organization its staff is principally composed of native Hondurans that have expressed an interest in giving back to their communities.  Although we cannot thank KM2 enough for the financial donation of $27,000 Lempiras, the real story here is the excitement about this vast expansion of OYE’s family here in Honduras.

To the individuals that compose the work force of KM2, we want to give each of you our most sincere gratitude.  Perhaps independently your donation seemed like a small sum or a small sacrifice but together your donations are converted into the hope, self-esteem, and future of at-risk Honduran youth. Your donations will be directly invested into OYE’s programs ensuring that our 50 scholarship students will continue receiving an integrated education that encourages and empowers them to become the voices and leaders of their communities.

Check out KM2 Solutions on facebook


Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Check out OYE's latest progress report for Global Giving.  See the latest pictures and read the latest updates. Marathons, Soccer tournaments, Murals, and Yoga are just a few of the activities your favorite scholars have been challenging themselves with.

Here at OYE we are especially proud of Paola and Eric who pushed new boundries and defied the Honduran law of the SUN (Stay out of it!). Taking OYE's mantra of a heathly lifestyle to the next level these brave young scholars ran 13 miles in the blazing Honduran sun.

In other news, OYE is proud to announce a youth social media project in collaboration with Adobe. OYE scholars, after a rigorous training program, will teach 50 Progreseño youth the ins and outs of Adobe's latest photo and video editing software.  The ultimate goal of this project is not to learn how to use this software but to put the software to work through the creation of empowering youth projects. So stay tuned for updates and to see the incredible finished projects that OYE's youth create.

To see the project report please click on the link below:


Thursday, July 12, 2012

OYE's New Mural - El Nuevo Mural de OYE

OYE's Newest Mural

By Chris Benedict

My inspiration for the design came from the work of Shepard Fairey, who is most famous for his widely popular “HOPE” posters during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.  Fairey, however, is also known for his “Obey Giant” campaign in which he “attempts to enable people to see clearly something that is right before their eyes but obscured; things that are so taken for granted that they are muted by abstract observation.”  Just as his campaign seeks to arouse curiosity and a search for deeper, perhaps hidden meaning, the individual defines the meaning of this artwork, free from any predetermined significance.  “Imaginen Su Futuro,” or “Envision Your Future,” might be intended to encourage the discovery one’s potential, working towards a goal, or any number of things depending on the viewer, things that are right before their eyes though possibly unclear, things OYE can help accomplish.

Volunteers Jenlain Coyle and Chris Benedict

Mi inspiración para el diseño vino de las obras de Shepard Fairey, que es más conocido por sus carteles extensivamente populares de “HOPE,” o “ESPERANZA,” durante la campaña presidencial de Barack Obama. Fairey, sin embargo, también es conocido por su campaña de “Obey Giant,” en lo cual él “intenta posibilitar que la gente vea algo que esté directamente enfrente de sus ojos pero escondidos; cosas que son tan tomados por hecho que son ocultados por la observación abstracta.” Igual a como su campaña busca despertar la curiosidad y encontrar un significado más profundo o, posiblemente, escondido, el individuo define el significado de esta obra, libre de cualquier definición predeterminado. La intención de “Imaginen Su Futuro” podría ser fomentar el descubrimiento del potencial de uno, trabajar hacia un objetivo, o cualquier cantidad de cosas dependiendo del observador, cosas que están directamente enfrente de sus ojos pero posiblemente poco claros, cosas que OYE puede ayudar a realizar.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


El pasado sábado 7 de Julio, 2012, se llevó a cabo en OYE, un seminario acerca de la nutrición y el ejercicio, para fomentar buenos hábitos en cada uno de los becados, asegurando así la alimentación y la actividad física ideal para una vida sana y larga.

Se comenzó el seminario con una dinámica explicando el peligro que conlleva el hábito de tomar bebidas gaseosas y jugos artificiales. Cuando se les explicó que cada botella de Coca Cola contiene más de 11 cucharaditas de azúcar, los muchachos se sorprendieron.
La sorpresa fue aún más grande cuando se les explicó que el jugo “natural” del Valle que toman normalmente para cuidar su salud, contiene aún más azúcar que la Coca-Cola, y que las bebidas energéticas que suelen tomar para levantar ánimos, en realidad son muy dañinas para la salud.

La mezcla de ingredientes que contienen las bebidas energéticas es muy peligrosa, ya que las cantidades de azúcar, cafeína, ginseng, guarana y demás químicos, suben la presión por 15 minutos, haciéndoles pensar que tienen más energía. Pero el sentimiento solamente dura por unos 15 minutos. Luego las personas se sienten más cansadas, con hambre, y con muchas ganas de beberse otra para volver a sentir energías. Estas bebidas se han comprobado que causan enfermedades del corazón, diabetes, y hasta infartos. Deben alejarse de estas.

Si realmente necesitan energías, opten por una taza de café negro con un poco de canela en polvo. Sabe muy rico y es muy saludable. Si necesitan endulzar su café, no usen cremora. Solamente agreguen media cucharadita de miel de abeja o el endulzante bajo en calorías llamado “Stevia”. No utilicen marcas como Splenda, Sweet ‘n’ Lo, Equal, etc. ya que estas están ligadas con ciertos cánceres.

Otra manera aún más saludable para darle al cuerpo y mente energía durante el día es comiendo una manzana. Está científicamente comprobado que una manzana da más energías que el café, ya que contiene una buena mezcla de fructosa (azúcar natural de la fruta), fibra y vitaminas que le dan al cuerpo lo necesario para empezar el día con mucho ánimo.

Otra de las cosas que se mencionaron es que el desayuno es el alimento más importante del día ya que es el responsable de darle al cuerpo la energía apropiada para comenzar el día. El desayuno debe consistir de un balance de proteínas, carbohidratos complejos y grasas saludables.

Un ejemplo de un buen desayuno completo puede ser:
  • Una taza de avena hervida con agua. Agregar frutas y canela.
  • 2 claras de huevo con vegetales, como espinaca, brócoli, cebolla, ajo, apio, etc.
Otro de los tips claves que se mencionaron es el de siempre leer los ingredientes de cada producto antes de ingerir. Si hay ingredientes que no se pueden ni mencionar, mejor no ingerirlo. También, si uno de los primeros 3-4 ingredientes es azúcar, es mejor no tomarlo/comerlo. Otro de los ingredientes que se deben de evitar es el llamado “high fructose corn syrup”. Si leen esto en algún producto, se aconseja que se vuelva a poner en su lugar.

La forma correcta de vivir una vida saludable es alimentarse bien, NO dejar de comer.

A continuación, se les comparte una lista de comidas ideales para SNACKS o MERIENDAS:
  • Una manzana en pedacitos con ½ taza de cuajada, le agrega 1 cucharada de canela en polvo. Luego se pone en el microondas por 30 segundos. Y voila! Tienes la perfecta merienda para después del ejercicio, o cuando tengas ganas de algo dulce, pero saludable a la vez. No me crees que es deliciosa? Te reto a probarla! J
  • Almendras enteras, sin sal. Una porción serían 16-20 almendras.
  • Apio con crema de almendras.
  • Apio con Hummus.
  • Ensalada de frutas.
Quiéres hacer un Hummus más saludable?
  • Intenta usar crema de almendras en lugar de la crema de ajonjolí al prepararlo.
Te encanta comer sándwiches con crema de maní y jalea?
  •  Intenta utilizar crema de almendras y prepara tu propia jalea! Puedes licuar fresas, moras, frambuesas, o la fruta que quieras, agregarle ½ cucharada de jugo de limón, y un paquete de Stevia para endulzar. Luego ponerlo en el pan 100% integral junto con la crema de almendras.
  • La crema de almendras no contiene ningún otro ingrediente más que la almendra. La crema de maní contiene aceites, sodio, y azúcar agregada. Con esta información, ahora pueden escoger la mejor opción! J
Sabes que la actividad física es clave para vivir una vida saludable?  Ha sido comprobado que 30 minutos al día ayudan a evitar enfermedades cardíacas.

NO tienes que ir al gimnasio para ejercitarte. Puedes salir a correr, jugar deportes, subir gradas, bailar, jugar, hacer sentadillas, etc.

La clave es moverte. Cuando movemos nuestros cuerpos, se evitan los problemas de circulación, cardíacos, enfermedades como la diabetes, ciertos cánceres, obesidad, etc.

Y la última clave SUPER IMPORTANTE es:

TOMA AGUA! Nuestros cuerpos están constituidos de 80% agua. Esto significa que debemos suplirlo con la cantidad de agua necesaria para el correcto funcionamiento de todos nuestros órganos vitales. El mejor consejo es evitar tomar gaseosas, jugos y tés artificiales y tomar SOLAMENTE agua.

Sabías que…

El 90% de los dolores de cabeza son a causa de deshidratación del cuerpo? La próxima vez que tengas un dolor de cabeza, te sugiero tomarte un vaso grande de agua y esperar 20 minutos antes de tomarte una pastilla. Recuerda, la pastilla solo esconde los síntomas. El agua puede ayudar a tratarlo y mejorarlo.

Compra tabletas de VITAMINA C Y VITAMINA B12. Estas vitaminas a veces no se ingieren suficiente en nuestros alimentos. Por eso, es sugerido tomarlas aparte, para darle sustento al cuerpo.
  • La Vitamina C es muy necesaria ya que ayuda a fortalecer el sistema inmunológico, apoya la oxigenación de la sangre, acelera el metabolismo y la movilización de grasas en el cuerpo, apoya la reparación de los músculos en personas que hacen mucho ejercicio, etc.
  • La Vitamina B12 es muy importante y en especial para las personas que no comen mucha carne roja. Esta vitamina ayuda a mantener el cerebro sano. A veces los dolores de cabeza son causados por falta de vitamina B12 en el cuerpo.
Así que a tomar Vitamina C y B12 se ha dicho! J

Toma mucha agua, aliméntate correctamente y haz ejercicio y verás que te irás sintiendo mucho mejor día a día. Tu ánimo y autoestima estarán muy altos y te sentirás y verás espectacular.

Cualquier pregunta que tengas, no dudes en escribirme a:

Vanessa Faraj, Ejecutiva de Reclutamiento y Mercadeo de KM2 Solutions,
 es Licenciada en Mercadotecnia y tiene certificación en nutrición y entrenamiento personal. Algunos de sus pasatiempos son ir al gimnasio, jugar futbol/volleyball/tennis/basketball, cocinar, leer, ver películas, aprender algo nuevo cada día, ayudar a los demás, entrenar a sus amistades en el gimnasio, y mucho más!