Monday, December 31, 2012

In Memoriam: Juan Pablo Otero

On December 11th, 2012 Juan Pablo Otero of Washington, DC passed away after a brave fight against cancer. He leaves his wife, Dr. Susan Early Otero, and three children; Guillermo Pablo, Luis Francisco and Maria Elisa. Pablo was one of the first Latino bank managers in DC and highly respected in the community.   Pablo was an advocate for education for Latino youth and served on the board of the San Miguel School, a middle school employing intensive pedagogical techniques to prepare immigrant Latinos for high school. Pablo was also a wonderful friend and donor to OYE. His two sons, Pablo and Lucho, traveled to El Progreso several times to volunteer at OYE and they made solid contributions to the work there.

Juan Pablo Otero and his family
One of the many sisters of Juan Pablo Otero is Maria Otero, a long time supporter of OYE and mother of Justin, David and Ana Marisa Eldridge-Otero. Justin is a co-founder of OYE and both David and Ana Marisa have volunteered at OYE, with David leaving memorable artwork in the office and on the streets of El Progreso.

Laura and Lucia Otero, daughters of Francisco (Pancho) Otero from Santa Cruz, Bolivia who spent a summer at OYE are nieces of Juan Pablo. Laura and Lucia painted the awesome Mayan mural in OYE’s meeting room. Another nephew, Gabriel Lemos (son of BB Otero and Fernando Lemos) has volunteered with OYE several times.

The entire Otero family has contributed to OYE, with their volunteer time and with their financial assistance. Dana Vagnoni, wife of Fernando Otero is a CPA who donates her time to verify OYE’s financial statements and filings with the IRS.

Lucho, Gabo & Pablo volunteering in Honduras
However, the most enthusiastic and steadfast cheerleader of all of OYE is Juan Pablo’s mother, Maria Teresa Otero. “Abuela” as most all in OYE call her, meets weekly with a bible study group from Blessed Sacrament Parish in Washington, DC. Every week "Mrs. OYE," as her friends now refer to her, talks about OYE and passes around the “collection basket.” Several times a year Abuela recruits people to match the donations and at those times she delivers even more money for OYE. She is constantly asking about the becados and for more stories of their successes to be able to report back to her group.

OYE extends its deepest sympathy to the Otero family for the loss of Juan Pablo. OYE also expresses its profound appreciation to all the Otero’s who have been key to its growth.

The Otero Family


PedrazArte said...

Great Job OYE and all support family!!

PedrazArte said...

Great Job OYE and all support family!!

OYE Honduras said...

As a volunteer, employee, and fan of OYE Honduras I can honestly say that the Otero family has been a blessing to this organization and all those that know them. Thank you.