Thursday, June 18, 2009

OYE rocks the dot com

WWW.WHAT?! There is a new website in town and everyone is talking about it!!

That's right. OYE has and new official website! 

The last few months OYE has had a team of people debating content and discussing design that would repesent OYE. Last saturday afternoon, with sweat on their brows, they uploaded the new site...followed by a large group hug.

Before you look at the site, we would like to thank the people who helped make it all possible.

Nimer Alverez-OYE scholarship student extraordinaire and website programmer
Livia Marcias- Star text editor and translator
Eduardo Martín- Spanish grammar police
Kat Burdine- Team organizer and designer
Founders and the Board of Directors- for patience, content control and creative freedom

Basically, this site was the work of OYE as a whole.  If you have comments or suggestions please let us know. 
We hope you like it,

(the spanish site launches in one week)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

2nd edition

The second edition of Jóvenes OYE youth magazine hits news stands! 

This issue includes articules about topics such as: Earthquake in Honduras, The UNAH stopped (an interview about the month long strike in the public university), Hospital reformations, Health, COPA OYE and much more....

Also, capacity building has ended which means 16 new faces have joined the magazine. Meaning we are finally able to have offical departments- Publicity, Jounalism and Design/Photography. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OYE el Ritmo

A week ago OYE threw a huge party to celebrate its' fourth anniversary. It was a HUGE success! With more than 300 people in attendance, La Casa de Cultura (the cultural center in el Progreso) was bursting. People started pouring in at 2:45 and at 3:00 the crowd was bubbling with anticipation. 

At 3:30, Abreak Elhoe, a band lead by OYE's very own Rock star Oscar Ramos, opened the show and stunned the crowd with solid music and not to mention a bass solo by Oscar on his new shinny blue bass (gifted by JMU).

After that, The Local high schools stole the stage some with hip-hop dance numbers and others with folklore favorites. 

Instituto de Notre Dame


San José
Not Pictured: El Progreso and El Perla

We were even joined by a Dancing Queen monster; who emerged mysteriously from the crowd. (we are still not really sure where he came from)

Between dance numbers, Estrellato, a youth band from San Pedro Sula, wowed the crowd with everything from old covers to fresh tunes. 

Look, some of our own OYE kids got in on the act! 
No names (we promised) but there was a short OYE and Estrellato Duet

Then the community got a taste of the beautiful Caribbean culture when Lita Garifuna took the stage and stunned everyone with traditional dance,beautiful outfits and captivating rhythm.

The women in front and the two singers went into the crowd, and we think it is safe to say that everyone danced Punta (a traditional Garifuna dance) that day.

Then came with icing on the cake. Polache.

Polache is a growing star in Honduras. His lyrics speak about Honduras as a Honduran. He was a fast favorite here with such songs as, Mira a Honduras (Look at Honduras).

He drove straight from Tegus (the capital or about 4 hours depending on road conditions) to play for OYE el Ritmo and then drove back the next morning. He sacrificed to support OYE and it really was incredible. 

The whole room was jumping, singing and dancing! Then Polache invited some of our scholarship students on stage. When they got there the lights went out and Polache started singing "Mira a Honduras"  with the students. It was enough to make you cry. The crowd held up their cell phones like lighters and we all sang about the beauty of Honduras. 

That is one of many high lights from OYE el Ritmo 2009. We have tried desperately to post the video of the whole thing. Sadly, technology goblins have eaten our film and we were only able to save a few photos. However, the memory of smiling faces and kids with autographed everything (pants, shirts, tickets, and even faces) piling out of La Casa de Cultura was something OYE will never forget. 

Here are a few more photos from the event followed by photos from La Calle, who painted signs from our show.

He really was a dancing queen!

La Calle in action:

For those of you who were there thank you for celebrating with us and supporting OYE. With ticket sales we managed to raise enough money to cover a few Scholarships and had an incredible time remembering OYE's past and looking forward to it's future. 

For those of you who were with us in spirit, thank you. It is with your support over the last four or more years that OYE has reason to celebrate and it is our hope that you can join us for our fifth anniversary concert.
See you then!

Friday, June 5, 2009

A taste of OYE el Ritmo

¡¡¡¡OYE el Ritmo 2009!!!!

As we look through pictures and edit videos to share with you here is a taste of OYE el Ritmo yesterday. 

It was a huge party with more then 300 youth,  five dance groups, and four bands! 

The party lasted from 3:30- 7:15. 

We owe a huge thanks to the following supporters who made this even possible:

Euro Sound
Lita Garifuna
POLACHE (who drove from Tegus to be here and sing only to turn around and go back to Tegus)
All our patrons from the Magazine-Pollolandia, Chatrachito, Guillermo Handel, C y R systems

Look forward to more video, and photo from this event. 


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quake or shine.

We are still feeling aftershocks and noting new cracks in the walls after the earthquake. As the earth settles, OYE moves into high gear preparing for the best party of the year! 

As some of you may have read before this month we celebrate OYE's fourth birthday!!! Which means party, party, party! This Thursday at 3.30 local high schools, OYE students and community members will flood La Casa de La Cultura for a student talents show, and incredible concert. With purely Honduran music and vibes this Thursday is sure to be the best birthday bash ever! 

If you are anywhere close to Progeso it will be well worth the trip.

We hope to see you there!