Friday, May 23, 2014

A Fun Start to May: Field Day and Pulhapanzak Excursion

The first weekend of May was jam-packed and fun-filled for all of us here at OYE.

On Saturday, the sport's program Deportes organized an athletic field day open to all of OYE's scholars and staff. The main objective was not only to promote physical activity and health, but to unite the OYE family and promote interaction between scholars from all of OYE's community action projects through an afternoon of friendly competition. Nearly 50 participants from all five projects, along with our administrative staff, participated in a series of physical and mental challenges, including:
  • A sack race
  • A relay race
  • Tug-of-war competition
  • Multi-station competition, including both physical and mental challenges

Naturally, the field day would not have been complete without soccer. The last half-hour was dedicated to the sport universally loved by Hondurans, youth and adults alike.

While each project achieved small victories throughout the afternoon, one team emerged victorious at the end of the day: Arte La Calle. One must never underestimate the value of a team huddle.

Sports project coordinator Erick Estrada reflects on the event, saying: "It should be noted that all of the participating youth showed great interest and team spirit in all of the activities throughout the afternoon. This pleases all of us who are part of the sport's project because it means that we can continue to organize this type of activity in the future, since physical activity benefits all of us, youth and adults alike."

Top left: Team Revista Jóvenes v. Team Arte La Calle in a tug-of-war competition. Top right: Heidi Reyes, youth coordinator for Radio Ritmo Online, cheering on her teammates participating in the relay race. Middle right: Arte La Calle team huddle. Bottom: The victors, Team Arte La Calle.

On Sunday, the radio project Radio Ritmo Online organized a fundraising excursion to Pulhapanzak Falls, one of Honduras' hidden gems. Only an hour and a half outside of El Progreso, Pulhapanzak is Honduras' most famous waterfall and also its tallest, dropping approximately 140 feet. OYE staff and scholars, friends and family spent the morning and afternoon exploring the falls and surrounding area, swimming, playing soccer and simply relaxing. This excursion not only provided an affordable opportunity for our youth (and their friends and families) to experience this stunning sight, which was a first for many, but also served to raise $150 for the radio project.

Top left: Radio Ritmo Online participants at the entrance to Pulhapanzak Falls. Bottom left: The White River (Río Blanco). Bottom middle: OYE scholars in front of the falls. Right: Pulhapanzak Falls.