Monday, April 29, 2013

East Coast Runs for OYE

Dear Family and Friends,

It's Spring and time to get some exercise and to support the Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE) in Honduras  at the same time.  I am part of a contingent in DC including Trish, Brian, and Beli taking part in a 5 K run/walk in East Potomac Park.  If you live close, join us, and if not a donation to OYE would be very appreciated.

This iteration of Race4OYE's website is:

This year is an exciting one for OYE which was able to increase the number of scholarships from 50 to 70 low income junior high, high school and university students, thanks to help from folks like you.  OYE has added six dynamic members to its board---four Hondurans and two young persons from the US.  A new Executive Director, Maria de Los Angeles Mejia and Program Director, Dunia Perdomo were recently  hired.  Dunia was one of the first OYE scholars, has graduated from the University, and now wants to give back.  Check out the OYE website to find out more about the exciting impact OYE is having on the youth of Honduras.

Thank you very much for your interest in and support of OYE.  

Happy Spring!

Patrick Ahern