Saturday, February 14, 2009

Big week in OYE!

What a week we had in OYE! After more than two months of preparation, we had two weekends of capacitation with all 75 students. We have a total of seven groups that meet on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The first week, we discussed OYE and what it means to be part of OYE. The second week was spent discussing self-esteem and doing self-esteem building exercises.

Above is one of the original OYE Scholarship recipients, Dunia Perdomo, leading her own capacitation group!

We also got to see all the students together again for the first time since December in our first monthly meeting of 2009. Check it out, this year we filled both sides of the aisle!

We also covered all of the office windows this week to protect the offices and add a little life to the EcoPasaje. Check out our "new" digs. A HUGE thanks to Rotulos S.M.P. and Ricardo Mejia for donating the window vinyls. The installation was an adventure but in the end out offices not only look better but are a lot safer.

We ended our two week marathon with a concert in Klien Bohemia in San Pedro Sula. A big thanks to Klien, Montuca Sound System and Hector Cerella for helping making this event a success. Over 170 people came out to support OYE and hear Montuca play. It was an incredible way to spend Valentine's day!

Fweh...I think that covers it all, but stay tuned from more adventures from El Progreso.