Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August magazine: Crisis en Honduras


"OYE is an organization working to support education and empower youth to create positive change in their communities. In the name of our students and the employees, we call for reflection during this moment when our country is so polarized. We ask for respect for different opinions, call for the respect of human rights and the freedom of expression for all whether they are in support or against the current situation."

This is the message that OYE would like to share with it's community this month. Students and staff worked tirelessly to leave personal opinions aside and present a photographic history representing both sides of the situation. We hope that this can serve as a tool in the community to show what has happened in the country in the last few months. The issue includes a non-bias timeline of events, photos from all sides, and spaces reserved for people to write their own memories and reflections.

It is our hope in OYE that the community will respect the opinions and rights of all, to work together and resolve the unrest in the country.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This is about 10%, whew we did a lot in a week.

"OYE is building a community and not just that it's building a community of leaders that will continue to grow and expand their community...I think OYE has it right. We can't live in the future anymore than we can live in the past. We must live in the now, and the youth are not the future they are the present. We are the present. As the present we need to do everything to build our community, share our values, and capture and provide opportunity...I really appreciate the time I spent with OYE, and I think I could go on for pages about the things I learned and what I took away from the organization, the country, and more than anything the people, but I think this will give you an idea how important and stimulating I found the trip.

I really can't stop thinking about what I saw and learned in Honduras."

The first looks at El Progreso. The group hit the town with OYE kids to get their barrings.

Can we build it? YES WE CAN!
What would an afternoon be without a nice cool Super Jugo?

Bachatta, Salsa, it is Julianne working her killer recorder solos in the office.
Shopping for groceries in El Centro.

Visiting local schools and examining the education system.

Then playing soccer with 200 kiddies!


An introdution into the Honduran deaf community with classes and all!


Monday, August 10, 2009

This is a true story...

"This is the true story... of six friends... who chose to come to together and have their lives changed... to find out what happens... when people stop living mundane... and start getting real...OYE Honduras."

A few months ago a few acquaintances decided to travel together to Honduras to learn about the situation and make a difference. Last week, they came together to support OYE, specifically it's radio program. The visionaries changed a small corner of OYE's offices into an incredible sound booth for our Radio program. Together with the students and staff these volunteers worked daily to create a sound proofed box in the corner which will provide our students with a safe professional space to broadcast their ideas and use their voice as a powerful tool in their community.

The week wasn't all work of course. They became close with OYE students who gave them tours of El Progreso's center, markets and showed them first hand their city. The explored Honduras's natural beauty by playing in local waterfalls and visited the beach's to the north of Progreso. They also helped at the Nutrition Center, played soccer with the winners of COPA OYE, and much much more!

There was so much to experience this week that I will leave it to them to tell you, check back this week to hear about their experience in their own words.

It is with pride and excitement that OYE can announce that these six acquaintances have become family and have joined OYE to continue fighting poverty, and empowering at-risk youth.

Here is a quick look at the constructin of OYE's new sound booth:

The first few nails were laid under Oscar's watchful eye.
The walls finally went up on tuesday!

Next step, window and the begining of the sound proofing!

Big step, here is the finished product, door with mural extending the mural from JMU, and another mural insipred by Edoardo's original artwork for OYE el Ritmo.

We had a big party to celebrate the inaguration and got to record with all the students! It was truly a triumph and the product of a strong community working together.