Monday, July 27, 2009

The Challenger!

"The Challenger" is a monthly challenge proposed by OYE staff to see what individual or which youth group can sell the most OYE youth magazines. 

When the magazine prints, the challenge it thrown.

This month the challenge was simple. In June, Kat Burdine, OYE staff member sold 17 magazines on the streets in two hours. If everyone in the group (Radio, Magazine, Soccer...) could sell more than 17 we would have a pizza party for that group.  

When we told the Radio group about it they took off! They organized themselves into two small groups and flew through the parks and market. However, in two hours between the ten of them they only sold 120...50 short of their goal....

HOWEVER, they sold 4 publicity spots which is way more than 50 Magazines. So, we went for Pizza!

This is a picture of the OYE el Ritmo radio group at Pizza Hut enjoying a Victory Pizza!!! 
(or what's left of it...)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

OYE gets twitterized

Here in OYE we have a lot things happening, A LOT! So, to keep you updated on all our programming, opportunities, volunteers and recent happenings in Honduras we decided to be twitterized.

Twitteried- The joining of a social network called, Twitter, which allows for constant flow of information and electronic intimacy. 

If you are a twitterer feel free to follow OYE at oyehonduras. If you have yet to be twitterized and are overwhelmed by the concept forget you ever read this post. Just look at the right hand column, because our updates are posted there.

This doesn't mean we will stop writting blogs or sending newsletters. In OYE is it our goal to keep you as informed as possible. 

You can almost smell the Baleadas, right?!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

T-shirts and more...

Have you ever noticed that the OYE team has the coolest shirts around? Do you find yourself green with envy every time you read OYE el Ritmo on your friends chest? 

Fret no longer, OYE has a new way to shop!  With our new on-line store you can sport your favorite OYE T's in your home town and support youth in Honduras! 15% of all purchases made through our shop go directly to  scholarships.

 OYE has posted it's classic line drawn by the talented Mr. David Ortero and we will soon be posting "OYE Bling", "OYE el Ritmo" and many new designs.

Join the movement. 
Get the gear.

Remember 15% of all purchases go directly to OYE's scholarship fund!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

COPA OYE championship

As many of you have seen and heard Honduras is in the mist of a political termoil.  We are all safe, but pretty frustrated with the situation.  The air is full of hope and fear. As we watch and wait we are aware that for these youth OYE is all they have, because do to strikes in the education system schools have been close for the last two weeks. Thus, we continue with youth projects and activities. The most exciting by far is the championship of the COPA OYE soccer league.

Here are some pictures from the day.

The Women's final- La Perla vs. Chevez

Men's final-La Perla vs. Holy Spirit

There was standing room only at Gol Sport, and not much of it.

Chevez wins the girls cup with style.

La Perla, Men's league winners, celebrating after an intense game with Holy Spirit.

 To see more photos from Copa OYE visit, COPA OYE photos.