Wednesday, July 22, 2009

T-shirts and more...

Have you ever noticed that the OYE team has the coolest shirts around? Do you find yourself green with envy every time you read OYE el Ritmo on your friends chest? 

Fret no longer, OYE has a new way to shop!  With our new on-line store you can sport your favorite OYE T's in your home town and support youth in Honduras! 15% of all purchases made through our shop go directly to  scholarships.

 OYE has posted it's classic line drawn by the talented Mr. David Ortero and we will soon be posting "OYE Bling", "OYE el Ritmo" and many new designs.

Join the movement. 
Get the gear.

Remember 15% of all purchases go directly to OYE's scholarship fund!

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