Thursday, July 16, 2009

COPA OYE championship

As many of you have seen and heard Honduras is in the mist of a political termoil.  We are all safe, but pretty frustrated with the situation.  The air is full of hope and fear. As we watch and wait we are aware that for these youth OYE is all they have, because do to strikes in the education system schools have been close for the last two weeks. Thus, we continue with youth projects and activities. The most exciting by far is the championship of the COPA OYE soccer league.

Here are some pictures from the day.

The Women's final- La Perla vs. Chevez

Men's final-La Perla vs. Holy Spirit

There was standing room only at Gol Sport, and not much of it.

Chevez wins the girls cup with style.

La Perla, Men's league winners, celebrating after an intense game with Holy Spirit.

 To see more photos from Copa OYE visit, COPA OYE photos.


Ana Luisa said...

Go COPA OYE! We all wish we'd have been there!

Oye said...


Esa final tuvo que ser muy muy grande!!!

Enhorabuena a mis hermanos de ese equipazo que hace posible que sea un éxito.

Abrazos desde España