Thursday, June 18, 2009

OYE rocks the dot com

WWW.WHAT?! There is a new website in town and everyone is talking about it!!

That's right. OYE has and new official website! 

The last few months OYE has had a team of people debating content and discussing design that would repesent OYE. Last saturday afternoon, with sweat on their brows, they uploaded the new site...followed by a large group hug.

Before you look at the site, we would like to thank the people who helped make it all possible.

Nimer Alverez-OYE scholarship student extraordinaire and website programmer
Livia Marcias- Star text editor and translator
Eduardo Martín- Spanish grammar police
Kat Burdine- Team organizer and designer
Founders and the Board of Directors- for patience, content control and creative freedom

Basically, this site was the work of OYE as a whole.  If you have comments or suggestions please let us know. 
We hope you like it,

(the spanish site launches in one week)

1 comment:

Ana Luisa said...

the new website looks DOPE! Congrats OYE!