Art Catalogue

New Arte La Calle workshop graffiti

Mural at Chevez (local high school) - By: Christina Ramirez and Arte la Calle
Car crash! Outside the OYE offices.

Solitary House - By: Gerald Velasquez

Gerald in front of Pencil Drawing on bedroom Wall

Painting dedicated to Director Marisol Fuentes -
By: Gerald Velasquez

Painting Dedicated to Luis H. Paredes -
By: Gerald Velasquez
Unfinished Pastel - Arte la Calle

Somos la Esperanza - By: Gerald
Medium Pen on Canvass Shoe

Fall - By: Jeffery

Stump from Jicaro
Varios Drawings - By: Arte La Calle

Stained Glass Hummingbird -
By: Yosseth Pacheco
Pencil Drawing - By: Allison Salgado

Left and Above: Mural and Recycling
Barrels from environment project at
local elementary school. By: Arte la Calle
and Volunteers from Eastern Mennonite
Mural at local elementary school, Escuela de la Republica. By Oshkosh University Volunteers and Arte la Calle 

Heyli and Erick Pose in front of OYE's KM2 Solutions Mural
Various Mediums - By: Yosseth Pacheco
End the Violence - Mural Draft By: Arte la Calle
Pastel Drawing - By: Claudia Pavon

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