Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August magazine: Crisis en Honduras


"OYE is an organization working to support education and empower youth to create positive change in their communities. In the name of our students and the employees, we call for reflection during this moment when our country is so polarized. We ask for respect for different opinions, call for the respect of human rights and the freedom of expression for all whether they are in support or against the current situation."

This is the message that OYE would like to share with it's community this month. Students and staff worked tirelessly to leave personal opinions aside and present a photographic history representing both sides of the situation. We hope that this can serve as a tool in the community to show what has happened in the country in the last few months. The issue includes a non-bias timeline of events, photos from all sides, and spaces reserved for people to write their own memories and reflections.

It is our hope in OYE that the community will respect the opinions and rights of all, to work together and resolve the unrest in the country.

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