Monday, September 21, 2009

Festival de la Baleadas

This year OYE volunteer, Melissa Quijada, held the first annual Festival de La Baleada.

The baleada is a typical Honduran food that was invented in the northern coast of Honduras. It is a widely celebrated and delicious dish. Thus the perfect image for Melissa's event. Who’s' goal is to create events the uplift Honduran culture, music and art. There was local art, food, incredible local musical talent such as: DayZ, Montuca Sound System, Lita Garifuna, JCD y Franoman, eating competitions and much more! It was a huge success and OYE was there to take part in it all...

Staff and Students set up the OYE booth before heading out to enjoy the festivities. In the booth we shared information about OYE, sold t-shirts and magazines.

This is the 2009 slogan, Mi voz es Poder- My voice is power. On the back of the shirt all of OYE's program logo's are displayed.

This shirt sold like hot baleadas! On the back is says, "Con Huevos, Porfa." OYE left the events with only a handful left so if you are interested check back in about three week!

OYE staff and Students also made this photo op for people to remember the concert and OYE.

This is during one of the many baleada themed competitions that happened throughout the night. Check out OYE's two star representatives, Amer and Ruben were mere bites away from winning the whole competition!

Montuca Sound System stole the show with their smooth fusion reggae style.

Sandra gettin' real with JDC.

This event was a huge success. We are so proud to have been a part of it and can't wait to dance it out at the second annual Festival de la Baleada!

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i-nova said...

"Festival de la Baleada"! Muchas Gracias a todas t todos, muy en especial a mi grupo de OYE el Ritmo y a Kat...los tengo en mi corazon!