Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OYE’s Dynamic Abuela

OYE has a five foot dynamo who is a wonderful supporter and fundraiser in Washington DC. She is Maria Teresa Otero, the grandmother of Justin Eldridge Otero, one of the founders of OYE and mother of Maria Otero, a former OYE board member. "Abuela" as she is affectionately called by nearly everyone, has nine children and countless grandchildren, many of whom have traveled to Honduras to volunteer with OYE. Currently her granddaughters Laura and Lucia Otero from Santa Cruz, Bolivia are spending a month in El Progreso to volunteer with OYE.

Maria Terese meets weekly with her biblical study group at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Washington, D.C. Every week she tells her fellow group members about the progress and activities of OYE and how proud she is of OYE and her grandchildren who are involved. The group members have adopted the cause of youth in Honduras and respond with generous donations to OYE on a regular basis. The small but consistent donations have added up over the years and are invaluable to OYE. However, one time a participant who was visiting said she was inspired by OYE's message and gave Maria Teresa a check which she did not look at until arriving home. It was a one-time donation for $10,000.

At the recent Christmas celebration of the large Otero clan, abuela suggested that the families donate to OYE and another charity instead of exchanging gifts.

The Board of Directors presented Maria Teresa Otero with a plaque and an OYE t-shirt as a small token of their appreciation for her wonderful efforts in supporting OYE and encouraging her grandchildren. Here she is proudly wearing her OYE shirt.

"Muchas gracias, abuela!"

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Justin Eldridge Otero said...

Te queremos mucho abuela!
Que chevere tu camisita sale en la foto :)
Gracias por todo tu apoyo Abu!