Friday, February 18, 2011

OYE Scholarship Recipient of the Month: Yarli Yanes

Yarli Yanes came to OYE in 2008 when she was just 17-years-old through an act of sheer luck. One day Yarli’s mother was walking by the OYE office in El Progreso and saw an advertisement for OYE’s scholarship program. Sra. Yanes stepped in the office to ask about the program, and she learned that the deadline for applying was the following day. After Sra. Yanes relayed the information to her daughter, Yarli worked quickly and tirelessly that night to prepare an application that reflected her history, educational goals, and personal aspirations.

Yarli has always liked to study, and she knew from the moment she entered OYE that she wanted to pursue an education in industrial engineering. A gifted leader and eloquent speaker, Yarli took an active role at OYE from the start and helped found its radio program, OYE El Ritmo. Yarli has served as the program’s coordinator from when the radio was just a laptop and a microphone to what it is now – an online radio channel with a fully equipped radio studio.

An extrovert by nature, the now 21-year-old Yarli was attracted to the idea of a radio program from the start since she wanted to transmit young people's ideas to El Progreso. The radio program currently streams online, but Yarli’s goal is for OYE el Ritmo to acquire its own local channel on Progreso’s radio waves.

While leading OYE el Ritmo, Yarli has learned a great deal about communication and how to utilize up-to-date radio technologies and computer programs. Challenges that come with the job include motivating her team of 15 to do their best on a daily basis.

Yarli’s experience at OYE has had an undeniable affect on her life and professional trajectory. The monthly scholarship money helps her to concentrate on her studies and covers costs for things like books and transportation to and from school. If it were not for OYE, she would be struggling to support her studies financially.

Working with OYE has had a great affect on Yarli’s relationships with her family members. She feels more responsible and her parents are extremely proud of her work, particularly her role with OYE el Ritmo. Yarli’s siblings often tease her, saying that she could bring her bed and clothes to the OYE office since she spends so much time there.

After Yarli graduates from UNITEC (La Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana) in two years, she would love to travel abroad to gain knowledge about other countries, peoples, and cultures before returning to Honduras to work. She hopes to embark in a career in communications while continuing to support OYE in whatever capacity she can.

A young woman and leader, Yarli appreciates that OYE trains youth in the areas of art, sports, radio, writing, and leadership regardless of gender. She believes that all people have inherently equal value because we are all human.

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