Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thoughts on OYE: A'ra Alston (Semester-long Volunteer)

Author: A'ra Alston, Volunteer from Mary Baldwin College

Coming to Honduras, I knew I would be working for OYE, but I had no clue exactly what I would be doing. My time here has been amazing. I have enjoyed working in the communities that OYE has agreed to help out. What I am most excited about however, is my project. In America, we have an organization called Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. I plan to create a small-scale version of this here in El Progreso. I am undecided whether to keep all participants within the OYE scholarship student community, or to branch out and involve other Honduran youth. My hope is to pair OYE becados with other Honduran youth to form big brother-little brother and big sister-little sister relationships. With the organization in the U.S., studies have shown that "littles" who have a "big" role model in their lives are less likely to drop out of school, less likely to get involved in violence or drugs, and are more likely to be better leaders in their communities. I am hoping to have the same outcome with this project in El Progreso. I have been here for a little over one month and every day I learn something new about OYE. As of today, I have exactly 2 months left, and I am eager to see what is to come of this experience. We recently moved into the new spacious office! I was happy to take part in that. One room in this new office is about the size of the old office alone. We have moved beyond those 4 walls. The territory has been enlarged which means great things are about to happen. The limits have been removed, and I know OYE is about to breakthrough!!!

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