Saturday, August 11, 2012

Special Thanks to KM2

 To a Great Future with KM2 Solutions!

Walter Molinari hands OYE director Marisol Fuentes a
donation of 26,977.60 Lempira, on behalf of KM2 Solutions
OYE is proud to announce the growth of a strong relationship with KM2 Solutions. Beyond the monetary support, OYE is looking forward to building a great relationship and a great future with KM2 Solutions.

KM2 has demonstrated a real desire to contribute to OYE’s philosophy of integrated development and make a difference in its community. This means they are giving more than money. Walter, KM2’s public relations manager, has taken the initiative to reach out to OYE in dynamic ways. We look forward to innovative collaborations with KM2 staff and facilities to bring our capacity building classes to a new level. Ideas for future alliances include incorporating Ted-talks into our capacity building program to touch on pertinent themes and stir a dialogue that will be moderated by professionals form the offices of KM2.

Although KM2 is a multinational organization its staff is principally composed of native Hondurans that have expressed an interest in giving back to their communities.  Although we cannot thank KM2 enough for the financial donation of $27,000 Lempiras, the real story here is the excitement about this vast expansion of OYE’s family here in Honduras.

To the individuals that compose the work force of KM2, we want to give each of you our most sincere gratitude.  Perhaps independently your donation seemed like a small sum or a small sacrifice but together your donations are converted into the hope, self-esteem, and future of at-risk Honduran youth. Your donations will be directly invested into OYE’s programs ensuring that our 50 scholarship students will continue receiving an integrated education that encourages and empowers them to become the voices and leaders of their communities.

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Justin Eldridge Otero said...

The KM2 / OYE partnership only grows stronger! would be great if they offered some OYE becados internship positions at their call centers. Thanks to KM2 for all your amazing support!