Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All Applicants Welcome

November means applications galore.

OYE is in the process of disseminating applicants to El Progreso's community of at-risk youth for the upcoming 2013 year. Being part of OYE is a great opportunity for El Progreso's youth, and we are excited to offer 27 new scholarships for the upcoming year. That means 27 more students with the opportunity to pursue our program of integrated education, social service, and hands on learning.

OYE has always been blessed with incredible students. In fact, everyone that knows OYE always reflects on the quality and leadership of OYE's beneficiaries. I suppose in some sense we have to understand that as much as OYE's youth benefit from OYE's programs, OYE's programs equally benefit from its youth. The unique nature of youth ownership and involvement of youth in OYE's projects requires exceptional students to be successful.

To find exceptional youth, OYE has designed a three step application process. The process identifies at-risk Honduran youth with economic necessity, leadership qualities, and a desire to make a positive impact in the community.

  1. The first step is a simple application that includes personal information, household composition and income, and several short essay questions. Attached to the application are grades. OYE grades these applications on completeness, economic necessity, personal qualities as illustrated by essays, and grade point average (target 80% and above). 
  2. The second step is a personal interview conducted at the OYE office. Youth invited to this interview have the opportunity to further explain their case. The interviews have a basic structure, but allow the interviewing committee, composed of OYE staff and local leaders, to learn more about each individual taking them case by case. These interviews are also given a score.
  3. The third and final step is a home visit. The home visit allows OYE's interviewing committee to collaborate the information shared in the application and personal interview, meet the family, and explain to the requirements of OYE to both the student but the parents or guardian responsible. During this visit OYE has the opportunity to establish an important relationship potential scholars families. It is essential that the parents and guardians understand exactly what OYE consists of due to the time commitment required on weekends. This is an important step to ensure the economic necessity as much as verify the support of the family to ensure that if a scholarship is offered OYE will have the participation of the youth without conflict.
The process is long, but has proven effective. Every year OYE identifies new young leaders to empower. One thing is for sure, the demand for scholarships and leadership training far outweighs the number of scholarships that OYE can afford to offer. This year OYE will disseminate 200 applications, on top of the 45 re-applications for existing scholars. It is a shame that we can only accept 75.

Yarli and Fabiola inform the public about OYE Applications of Radio Progreso

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Michael Solis said...

I want to apply!!! Amazing that OYE will be able to impact SO MANY new youth this year...excellent news!