Monday, May 11, 2009

COPA OYE kickoff

Last Saturday OYE launched the first ever official COPA OYE youth soccer tournament. Turning the local Canchita (soccer field) into a celebration of athleticism and community. OYE invited high schools, local NGO's, and neighborhood teams to participate. In all, there are 11 boys teams and 8 girls teams equaling over 150 participants. 

OYE students worked on banners and other decorations to help prepare for the big day. 

More than 100 people were in attendance for the big day. There was music, dancing, cheering and a nail biting soccer match. 

Memo defending OYE's Goal. The first game was between OYE and San Alberto Hurtado (another local scholarship program). It was a close game but in the end San Alberto Hurtado walked away with the win.

Along with all the festivities, J√≥venes Magazine made it's public debut! 

The tournament will run for the next three months. Alternating every weekend between the mens teams and the womens teams. For more picture of click here, COPA OYE photos

 Next week OYE's women will step on the feild....stay tuned. 

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