Thursday, May 28, 2009

Earthquake in Progreso, and everyone is fine!

As most of you are aware, this morning around 2:30 the northern coast of Honduras experienced a 7.1 scale earthquake. Roatan and Utila were hit the worst. We still don't have much information from the islands. The only consistent news is that they were hit hard.

As for Progreso, we felt a large shock wave. It felt as if someone put El Progreso in a hammock and started to push. Bookshelves fell over, people were tossed out of beds and houses were shaken to their foundations. This morning reports of damage began to flood the neighborhood through crank radios and word of mouth. A section of the bridge to San Pedro Sula collapsed , the Antorcha grocery store lost its side wall, the stadium wall toppled and houses of all shapes and sizes lost roofs, walls and fences. Also, we were told many of the windows in the San Pedro Sula airport blew out and flights have been canceled until further notice. 

Whew, what a night!  

The good news through phone calls and car rides we were able to check on OYE's friends and families. ProniƱo, Nutrition Center, COPROME,Escuela de Esperanza and our students are safe with little damage but pretty shaken. In the OYE office, a bookshelf was turned over, lighbulbs fell from the ceiling, the water tower fell over creating a large puddle which in turn destroyed a computer that jumped off the desk (see photos). However, the iMac is ok and all damage was minimal. 

For those of you who have lived and know those in the OYE office Honduras we are all ok. Luis, Leo, Kat, Edu, Javier, and Yalena all made it to the office early this morning. We are all ok and our families are all doing well. No one was hurt (including in our scholarship kids), no serious damage was done  to their houses or offices and we are working together to help those who were less fortunate. Mostly, we are waiting, for news, energy in the housing, more information from friends, and figuring out ways to help. 

The fear now is for the islands, and the structural damage that will be collapsing building and bridges in the next few days. We thank you for all your concern, emails and phone calls. We are safe, and in spite of everything people are in good spirits working together to get back to normal.

This is the local grocery store, Antorcha. It lost the wall facing the main boulevard.

Here is another view of the wall from the Antorach.

This is the part of the bridge that fell. For those of you who don't know Progreso this bridge links us to San Pedro. This has left many people stranded in Progreso unable to commute to their job in San Pedro or visit families.

The OYE office when we arrived this morning.

This computer decided to take a swim in the puddle left by the spilt water dispenser.

This is a local church

local paint store. Yesterday they were all in shelves and well organized.

Thank you all for your concern, emails, prayers, and phone calls. We are ok.  Again, we are most concerned for the islands and the long term effect on jobs and economy. 

Again thank you, we will do our best to keep you updated and calm some of the media hype that you are feeling. 

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