Tuesday, April 28, 2009


 After six months learning the ins and outs of writing, designing and publishing a magazine the students of 'Jóvenes' youth magazine sent the first addition of the magazine to print. It was a huge accomplishment for these students who have been working to improve their writing skills, conduct interviews and design layouts.

With support from volunteers and staff, students learned to write informative and entertaining articles, design lay-outs, and take photographs.  They are also worked to fund the project through selling local ad space and finding major sponsors. These students worked very hard and have made huge strides. The termination of the first edition set these kids on fire to write and continue learning to create the best youth magazine they can. As we speak, they have begun writing the next edition. 

This was not always easy, at times it was down right frustrating, but they did it! We are so very proud of the growth in this group and are thrilled in the direction they are heading. 

Meaning, in a little over a week we should have the first edition of OYE's 'Jóvenes'. Look forward to pictures and student reactions!

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Carlotosway said...

looks great!!!! congrats!