Thursday, April 2, 2009

In a few words...

Recently OYE began constructing a new website. However, we realize that it would be impossible to make a website that captures the energy and community of OYE without a few words from our past volunteers and staff. In the last week we have received numerous emails that articulate what OYE means to them that we would like to share with you.

So, here are two of the numerous quotes we have received that have reminded us, once again, that OYE is truly a family.  

If you would like to add your experience or words to our website we welcome you to write us at, Please include your name and the year you joined OYE. Thank you.

"'All together one' is the official theme that embodies the special spirit and unique closeness that binds Madison community members with one another. Since our journey to Honduras a few short weeks ago, I am reminded that this concept, though true here, is not unique to us. Those connected to OYE are referred to as family. Our partnership with you is a concrete example that we are all members of a global community whose past, present, and future are inextricably linked. The work you do to create youth leaders with a social conscience who are agents of positive change in the Honduran population undoubtedly goes beyond your borders and impacts the world in which we live in deep and profound ways. Thank you."

Matt Tybus, 2009 James Madison University


"Nothing could have prepared me for the experience I had working with OYE in El Progreso. Though I knew the purpose of the organization, and understood the population they served, I was blown away by my experiences there. The children I met through OYE have overcome bigger obstacles than many people in the first world will ever experience in a lifetime. And yet, they all smiled, laughed, and played just like children around the world do. They were eager to learn and make new friends, and welcomed me, a stranger in their world, with open arms. One of my best memories from working with OYE was from a day we went to spend recreational time with the kids. These children wore me out playing soccer, tag, laughing, tickle wars, and any other activity they could pull me into. Their energy and attitude still inspires me to this day. The fact that OYE gives them a chance to channel that energy into positive steps that improve their lives is an immeasurable gift amidst the tough circumstances these children have been born into. My OYE experience is one I will never forget, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to interact with these amazing people."

Alexis Pollak

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