Friday, April 17, 2009

Give your Vote!

Recently, OYE entered a design competition called, "Show Your Impact". The winner gets $1000 cash and the choice of an Adobe CS4 product.

The vote consists of two parts:First there is a public vote. To vote you have to fill out a very simple registration form. Name and email. Then vote!

To vote: Click on the link below and look for Organization for Youth Empowerment. It was submitted on the April 15th the the Social Change: Photo/Print. To make it fair they ask you to vote for a minimum of three organizations, JUST MAKE SURE ONE OF THEM IS FOR OYE.

Once we have made it to the second round, a Jury will select the winner.

We realize that financial giving is not always possible. So, here is your opportunity to support OYE from your home or office in five easy minutes.

Thank you very much and please spread the word!

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