Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CULTURE CLASH!: A creative story about the brainwashing of youth in Honduras

Dancing youth on Tela Beach
Bienvenid@s to a new series of blog posts called CULTURE CLASH that will focus on the cultural differences perceived by international staff and volunteers at OYE! 

For this first entry, visit the link to the blog of OYE staff member Michael Solis for a short story entitled “The Prophet of Tela.” The piece is an example of using dialogue in short stories, which was the most recent assignment for the youth of Revista Jóvenes (OYE’s youth magazine) in their 8-week creative writing seminar. This week, OYE youth are writing a dialogue between two characters, one of whom is upset because he or she knows something about the other character that the other character does not yet realize. Stay tuned for more short stories in Spanish directly from OYE youth!

The piece, “The Prophet of Tela,” is based on a true story and speaks to the impact of religious indoctrination on Honduran youth. Read, think, and leave comments! Your thoughts are welcome!

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