Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OYE Scholar of the Month: Rosa Sevilla Yorleni

Rosa Sevilla Yorleni

Name: Rosa Sevilla Yorleni                 

Age: 18

Major: Business Administration

Family: 2 Parents and 7 brothers and sisters

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

Greetings from Rosa:

Thanks to my family, I was able to reach one of my biggest goals in life - graduating from high school - but the road wasn't always easy!

In my final months of high school were very difficult times for my family. Aside from out economic problems, the death of my brother was a huge blow to us all. Those things actually stopped me from studying, and my parents told me that it was better that I find a job instead of studying since it didn’t seem worth it to have a daughter in school. At the time I felt so bad because I wanted to continue studying, but I couldn't.

Thankfully we were able to escape those problems, which meant I could continue my studies and choose a career focus. I chose information technology, and in my classes I met Sandra Fiallos, who told me about an organization that provides youth with capacity building on topics like the Honduran reality, academic scholarships, and fun activities in the arts and sports. The things that initially drew my attention were the radio program and the English classes. Later I decided to visit the organization, where OYE's staff explained to me what I needed to do to win a scholarship. After handing in my application, OYE called me to tell me that I was a becada. I was so happy.

After becoming a becada, I took part in the capacity building classes on the National Reality, Self-Esteem, Leadership. Thanks to our director, who taught us how to create and run projects, I started working in the La Calle art program where work with my friends to paint murals, make lots of bracelets out of recycled soda tabs, and improve my artistic abilities.

Through all of the capacity classes that empower us as OYE scholars, we are motivated to set goals for ourselves to become leaders, to feel more confidence in ourselves, and to set examples for others. Ever since I joined OYE, I have changed the way I think, and it's now much easier for me to express my ideas since I’m not as shy as I used to be.

At OYE, I participate in so many projects, including ones that benefit the environment. I am trying to have has much of a positive impact as possible since OYE has impacted me in so many ways.


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Justin Eldridge Otero said...

Felicidades Rosita! Eres un orgullo de OYE! Keep working hard!