Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Promoting Youth Empowerment One Step at a Time

OYE Honduras' volunteer community is litterally stepping up to the fundraising challenge. Mary Clay Thomas and Matt Trybus along with Ben Woodcock will all be running for a cause. Mary Clay and Matt have both tasted the Baleadas of El Progreso, Yoro and volunteered with OYE. They have decided that the simple task of training for and running a half marathon was not challenging enough, and so, have decided to augment their ambitions by adding a $3,000 fundraising goal to benefit OYE. Read their blog and join their cause! Matt and Mary Clay's Blog.

Ben Woodcock has also stepped up to the challenge of long distance running and long distance fundraising. Located in Buffalo, New York, Ben's marathon will led him all the way to Niagra Falls, Canada. However, the $1,500 Ben has set out to raise will find its way back to at-risk youth in Honduras. As a friend of OYE's founder Ana Luisa, Ben demonstrates the strong bonds and personal connections that allow socially oriented non-profits like OYE to succeed. Read more about Ben's endeavers and help him reach his goals at Ben's Blog.

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