Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Planning for your Spring Break?

Volunteer in Honduras.

OYE offers a week in the heart of Latin America working with socially active individuals, in-depth cultural immersion and a look into the challenges facing Honduran communities.

Your service-learning week promises to be jam packed with unforgettable memories. During the week you will see first hand the vibrant beauty of the Honduran culture and challenging reality that faces this country. You will become intimate with staff and students, be immersed with families, and of course, sample delicious cultural dishes.

OYE opens the opportunity for you to interact with social activists, experts in Honduran politics, and other unforgettable guests who will walk you though what it is to struggle for change in Honduras. They will also give you insight on how you can participate in this beautiful progress.

Trips also complete a service project with OYE students. Service trips are based on the needs of the organization or our local partners. Past volunteers have: painted murals, built desks, built a sound booth for OYE el Ritmo and much more.

OYE was built and continues to grow on strong personal relationships. As you are learning and working though out the week you will build life-long relationships. Which at times are based purely on broken Spanglish! We can insure that after a week in OYE you will never be the same.

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