Saturday, October 2, 2010

OYE Takes Over Progreso

Taking Over Progreso

In a frenzy of organized chaos, OYE students plastered stickers on bumpers across El Progreso. Our army of youth leaders divided itself into two camps strategically positioned along the main boulevard and in the central park from which they ambushed innocent civilians ignorant to the existence of this youth organization. With the ultimate objectives of promoting OYE as an energetic youth oriented and youth run organization and increasing the publicity of OYE Revista Jovenes (Youth Magazine) members of OYE Revista and OYE’s Radio group took to the streets today. Selling OYE t-shirts, stickers, and issues of Revista Jovenes, OYE’s youth captured the attention of Progreso and left and impact visible on the bumpers of Progreso’s taxis.

Aside from boosting sales of the magazines, this was a great opportunity for OYE’s youth to give OYE a face in the community. Each year local recognition for this organization grows, but it is hard for a stranger to understand the unique youth led dynamic of our program. Events like this, organized and executed by our youth, leave a great impression on the community and move OYE in a positive direction.

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