Thursday, January 28, 2010

my adventure at Copan and the nutrition center

so last week I went to Copan for a week to work on my Spanish! monday through friday 8am-12pm. I stayed with a host family and it was an amazing experience because I have never been in a host family, so it was awesome. I think one of my highlights in Copan was the hot showers! here in Progreso, I take cold showers which I do not mind.. but it was definitely nice to take hot showers! so, in other words don´t take hot water for granted! my host family was so friendly and very welcoming. I only spoke Spanish to them as well as my teacher because they cannot speak english. It wasn´t as difficult as I thought it would be, I was able to get by with the limited spanish I know.

Yesterday was the first day I volunteered at the Nutrition Center. I was kind of sad looking at some of the children, but very amazed at their development and how much better they are doing. For example, there was a before and after picture of this little boy. When he first arrived at the Nutrition Center, he looked bad. His ribs were showing and he was very thin. Now, he looks so much better and so much healthier. He is two years old and is starting to walk. He is so cute!!! Since we had about 6 volunteers from Mississippi yesterday, I did not help as much because they sort of took over. Hopefully on Friday I will be able to help much more. Can´t wait!
Also, Jeincy and I have been here for about a month already! It´s so crazy how time flies, and it really has been! Getting around town is not hard anymore. I am able to take the bus or taxi by myself if I wanted to. Starting tomorrow, I am going to be riding my bike! so, let´s see how this goes!

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