Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Much Anticipated Video of Gringos Dancing

There is a myth floating around Honduras that gringos can't dance. Some Catrachos (That is slang for Hondurans) even compare gringos to dead fish when dancing.

My first dance in Honduras - Sam Rioux
While everyone thought I was down here working for OYE for the last year, I have actually been conducting a rigorous undercover investigation into the Gringo dancing myth. Call it anthropology or call it genius this study has brought me to dance halls, discos, carnivals and birthday parties. I have sweat to get to the bottom-the rock bottom-of this myth. Thanks to volunteers Alex Clark-Youngblood and Dylan Cassidy who sacrificed their pride and honor to join me in my quest for the truth, I have undisputable video evidence that Gringos are EXCELLENT dancers!

With no further adieu I present OYE's Greatest Gringo Bailarinos!

Do you reach the same conclusion?
Are we great dancers?

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