Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Huge Thank You to Dylan Cassidy

He's been with us for a month, he's turned the Adobe Program on its head, and he's making tons of new friends - It's Dylan Cassidy.

Dylan, for those of you who don't know him, is a great person. He is sincere and very outgoing. Those great traits coupled with his excellent Puerto Rican Spanish have allowed him to build many friendships and reach out to many scholarship students during his short stay.

Last week we sat on the floor of Director Maria's house during an OYE Family Film screening, aka movie night. We viewed a short:

Afterwards we reflected on what the short film addressed. Dylan established the pace of the conversation and set the tone of the night when he commented that the smaller birds did not want to accept the "Foreign" bird (extranjero). We laughed and ribbed each other, or everyone ribbed Dylan and I for being funky looking birds.

I mention this short anecdote for two reasons. First of all it was hilarious when Dylan made the comment, and secondly like it or not foreigners are funky looking birds. It takes a lot for someone to leave their comfort zone. It's not easy to adjust to living in a different country with a different culture.

Dylan, thank you for joining us at OYE Honduras to be one of our foreign birds. Your leadership and contributions to the Adobe Project have achieved visible impacts. It was a pleasure watching you grow and develop bonds with the youth, while improving our programs with your talents. You proved to be a hard worker and an inspiring individual. I'm sure that you will have a great and exciting career in film and photography. Best of Luck and Warm Wishes!

Dylan and Sandra Instructing Adobe Class at El Perla (Local High School)

Dylan shocked as OYE students chant "DANCE DANCE DANCE"

Dylan, resident photo whiz, tries out a new camera angel

Dylan getting ready to bust a move!

Fair-well cake and photos with personalized messages.

He works the crowd - getting the applause necessary to win the
gringo dancing competition

During the despedida

Teaching us how they dance salsa in Puerto Rico

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