Friday, January 4, 2013

KM2 VS OYE Soccer Match of the Century

Step right up and place your bets!

Today at 3 pm OYE Honduras takes on KM2 Solutions at the San Jose fields.

This might just be the game of the century! OYE's wild young team will be bringing its quick and physical game to the older KM2 team.

Game plan:
Surprise the older office employees with dazzling speed and youthful vigor launching a relentless onslaught of offensive attacks and defensive counter attacks. OYE will run the opponents into the ground banking on the fact that they are from a larger cooler city and will not be accustomed to playing such a fast physical game under the blazing sun and humidity of El Progreso.

We can't forget that with age comes wisdom and experience. This means all those cumulative years stacked on to KM2's team count for something. If they play well as a team, control the pace, and measure their energy we just might have a big problem.

A big thank you to KM2 and Walter for organizing and sponsoring this event! I hope you don't beat you too badly!

After reading this article cast your vote! Let us know who will win and what the score will be after our hour long game.

1 comment:

OYE Honduras said...

I vote OYE Honduras wins 9 - 7