Sunday, July 31, 2011

OYE Scholar of the Month: Jarly

Sizing her up for the first time, many might underestimate Jarly based on her tiny stature and petite frame, but speak to her, and you will find that she is far more than you may have expected. She is intelligent and determined; she knows what she wants and what she needs to do to get it. She cares about Honduras and its future. She is a leader among her peers and serves as a true role model in her community.
Jarly wants more than your typical 22 year old. She wants to create change within her country and she wants to learn more about the system in hopes of changing it. OYE helps her do this. Through OYE Jarly is able to learn the importance of leadership skills and continue her education at the university in San Pedro Sula. At OYE she serves as the coordinator of the radio program OYE El Ritmo and can be described as a mother figure for many of the becados, or OYE scholars. She always has time to listen to their problems or educate them in some way.
Jarly has come a long way from the girl she was when she first walked through OYE’s doors. She is on her way to achieving her dreams thanks to the values and opportunities she has acquired at OYE, which she calls her second home. She has friends and she has a purpose. As a university student she is challenged by her classes, as well as by OYE. Some of her accomplishments within the organization include the fact that her thesis on the political affairs of Honduras was chosen to become a capacity building class for other becados. While her situation is difficult and money is tight, Jarly has learned to make the best of what she has, not only for herself, but for others who depend on her as well. It is easy to see that she is persistent, reliable, and part of the glue that holds her family together, at home and at OYE.

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