Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OYE's 2011 Spring Potluck

OYE scholars and staff have been on break from school and work thanks to Semana Santa, but OYE has been busier than ever. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to come to OYE's 2011 Spring Potluck in support of OYE's scholars and programs. The event, which took place on April 9th, was a great success, and many of OYE's past volunteers were present to share their OYE stories, as well as supporting professors, donors, marathon runners, members of the Board of Directors, Communications and Volunteer coordinators past and present, and brand new members of the OYE family. The food was delicious and plentiful, and together we were able to raise $1000 for OYE. 

A special thanks to the Ahern family for allowing us to spend the evening in their beautiful home in Washington, D.C. for the events. We look forward to having more events like these throughout the year.


Felicia-Amore said...

Goooo Team OYE!!

Javier said...

Wow!! very nice... se ve que estuvo genial!