Friday, April 29, 2011

Eduardo Martín Hermana, OYE Volunteer and Donor, Funds COPA OYE!

Eduardo Martín Hermana

OYE would like to extend a special thank you to Eduardo Martín Hermana, a former OYE volunteer from Gijón (Asturias, España) who has made a generous donation to sponsor COPA OYE, OYE's annual soccer and volleyball tournament, for the second straight year.

Eduardo studied physical therapy in the University of Oviedo and used his skills to rehabilitate people in nursing homes, gyms, and at a hair salon. He had an enriching personal experience volunteering in 2007, during which he lived with a Honduran family while he administered therapy to youth in Colón. In 2008 he returned to Honduras, this time to El Progreso, where he collaborated with OYE from July to September. During his time he worked with various NGOs, including OYE, to administer therapy to local youth.

In 2009 Eduardo spent nearly half a year working with OYE, giving capacity-building classes, assisting with student visits, helping organize COPA OYE, and directing for a short period Revista Jóvenes, OYE’s youth magazine.

According to Eduardo, “The experience was very positive, although like all other experiences it had its difficult moments. I was able to learn a lot more about the reality of the country and youth, and I tried to empower them as much as my limits would enable me in hopes of drawing the best from them. They are full of desire, and we have to pledge our commitment to them.”

Recognizing Honduras’s difficult economic situation, Eduardo decided that he wanted to offer what resources he could to support COPA OYE. He wanted to donate the sports program in particular given its spirit and capacity to excite the entire city of El Progreso.

Eduardo would like to thank OYE for its warmth, as well as the friends and families who have supported him during his stays and with the projects that he values at OYE.

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