Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Student Projects and More....

With student's vacations ending, capacity programs coming to an impass, and troubles with OYE Ritmo's computer the constant buzz penetrating OYE's offices slow to a quiet hum. Of course some of the usual faces never left, and a few new ones turned up as their high school was not in session do to a strike, but the normal buzz and constant traffic through the office had slowed to a crawl.
But OYE does not crawl.

By Thursday things were picking up speed again. An army of students marshalled by Luis occupied our offices to prepare the next Revista for press. They scrambled to edit and add pictures to the Revista franticaly working to ensure that it will be ready by next Tuesday.

The hard work of Luis, Marisol, and the OYE students was punctuated only by Leo's singing and a quick visit by Eric Olson, a member of OYE's executive board, and his family. It was a great opportunity for Eric Olson and OYE's scholars to interact with one another and discuss their roles and experiences with OYE. After lunch the Olson family, OYE team, and a panel of students discoursed on OYE. The students shared their personal experiences and related how they had grow through OYE's programs. They pitched the programs more eloquently and convincingly than I ever could.
Today the buzz continued to grow. Students that had been distracted by school returned to their second home in the offices of OYE. The capacity teams reassembled to continue working on their new projects, the members of the Revista meet in the morning, and the radio group meet in the afternoon. To top everything off today we had a birthday party. Aminta Michelle Doubleday turns 18 tomorrow, but we celebrated like birthdays are going out of style today. we feasted on cake and pepsi and sang. Happy Birthday Michelle!

Hopefully we can all find some time to finish our work this week...

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