Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OYE turns FIVE!

This past weekend the OYE team, composed of its 5 staff members and 75 scholarship students, piled into an aged, yellow school bus that wound its way to Camalote. The bus came to a squealing stop above the twisting dirt streets of this small Honduran town. Students poured out of the doors of the bus to explore the beautiful garden ensconced in the hills above Camalote. In the loud, energetic, and sometimes hectic manner that is so signature OYE, the celebration began.

OYE spent the day celebrating its fifth anniversary and La Día del Estudiante. The celebration spread throughout the vast garden as the OYE community explored, played games, and took photos. For everyone involved it was a very proud moment to be a part of the OYE community. The good food, good humor, and good company reflected the accomplishments of OYE’s last 5 years. The 75 students spread throughout the garden playing and working together. People moved in and out of groups. Activities gave way to lunch, lunch gave way to swimming, and at every turn students were there to help organize. In the midst of their great day, the students demonstrated their responsibility. While the day was indeed a celebration, it was also a perfect reflection of the confident responsible young leaders OYE is producing.
The activities ranged from soccer to exploring and nearly everything in between. After lunch a piñata was smashed to bits as it dangled from a mango tree, and as the day was winding down awards were given out to the scholars that had received the best grades or participated the most in OYE’s programs.

Special congratulations to the Scholars who received the best grades:

Oriel Diaz 96% Ciclo Común

Tonary Sosa 99% Carrera

Iris Rodriguez 80% Universidad

And, to the scholars whose participation in OYE went above and beyond expectations:

Iloany Ochoa

Raúl Aquilera

At the end of the day, students and staff a like filed back onto the bus to return to Progreso. A simple glance around at the sweaty clothing, grass stained knees, and smiling faces conveyed the image of success. It was a pleasure for all to celebrate the students that make up this organization and it five years of growth and expansion.

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Justin Eldridge Otero said...

Awesome blog! Beautifully written! just from reading i felt like i was going to break in to a sweat from the muggy Honduran heat in the packed school bus.
Feliz Cumpleaños OYE!!