Tuesday, November 3, 2009

OYE el Ritmo: Listen now.

As we promised you can enjoy OYE el Ritmo in your home. Our students have been working hard and are now broadcasting over the Internet. Due to the cost of airtime OYE el Ritmo is transmitting through the Internet. As you can see from their show they are working hard to uplift, educate and inform their peers. We are working hard to get them on local radio stations so tha ALL their peers and communities can hear this great message. Until then locals, high-schools, OYE international community and you can tune in and listen to OYE el Ritmo youth radio just click onto the link on our homepage

Today and tomorrow the newest edition will be playing every hour on the hour. Then we will be returning to our regular programming. Every week day a 10:00 am (central) followed by music and more fun updates from OYE!

Also, be sure to tune in fridays when we will be sharing all our past shows.

click on Join the movement to support OYE el Ritmo.

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