Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Graduation season!

The Honduras school year runs from February to November meaning this time of year is full of graduations. Last weekend I attended four different graduation ceremonies. It was and incredible experience to see OYE’s 8 graduates cross the stage.

Each time I was filled with pride. These students, who I have come to know and love over the last year, have achieved the impossible, and with honors.

These students excel within OYE, their notes are high and they have become highly responsible young adults. So, it should not have been a surprise as I heard then called to the stage time and time again to be recognized by their communities. What and incredible thing! With the support of OYE these youth were able to achieve their potential.

Each of these students has demonstrated marked changes during their time in OYE. It was a powerful thing to realize that without the support of OYE’s scholarship there would have been one or two less seats in all of these graduations.

Here are our 2009 graduates, each graduated with Honors for GPA, best conduct or both:

Wendy Yessenia Cardona
Marleny Lizeth Romero
Iloany Josselin Eber
Gerald Omar Velásquez
Wendy Rivera
Keyla Esperanza Rosales
Leyla Castañeda
Neris Ávila

These are 8 excellent students, and we are so incredibly proud of their achievements and the leaders they have become.

This is Keyla with her diploma. She is graduating from El Perla, the largest public school in Progreso. It is also the only graduation ceremony that had robes. Look how proud she is!

Leyla, Kat y Kelya after the graduation in El Perla.


Justin Eldridge Otero said...

Que belleza!
I have a feeling that Kata almost cried...
I know how you feel!
Can you imagine Nima and I at Martin's grad from Loyola??!
Two guys and a Garifuna?

Great article! Keep'em comin.
Love the pics...

Carlotosway said...