Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I invite you all to come to my country

Hello, My name is Javier Duarte. Currently I am a volunteer in OYE and a student at UTH studying International Business. I was 17 when I first met Ana Ahern, Jessica Mockrin, and Justin Otero. They had an idea to help kids in my city El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras. I loved when they said they were planning to this, and I was there to help in whatever they needed. In fact, I was one of the first scholarship recipients in OYE. The idea was simple, collaborate with the community and create leaders. This is what they are doing today. They are helping youth- guided by the vision to create young leaders.

I stopped my studies for three years and moved away from OYE a little from 2006-2009. In Febuary of 2009, I rejoined OYE and the growth had suprised me. I had not expected so much. However, I couldn't ask for more.

In my case, I have learned to communicate with volunteers. People who teach you about other cultures and how to value your own and yourself. I have made groups of friends with the volunteers who come to collaborate with OYE. The truth is it has been a wonderful experience, It facinated me to spend time with James Madison University and George Washington University. I will never forget these people; they will always be in my heart. I also hope to know more and share my country with them.

Like I said the experience in OYE has been one of the best years of my life. Wherever I go now in El Progreso you make relationships with people who know OYE. The families of the scholarship students are fighters who give so much to that their children can live better. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone involved in OYE and making my country better.

All of this has made for a very rich experience. It is through sharing with diffrent people, and diffrent experiences that I learn more about my country. The doors in El Progreso, and Honduras are always open for our friends to visit and explore, together with OYE, new Horizans.

Personally, I invite you all to come to our country and share this beautiful experience- You will want to stay here. I promise.

-Javier Duarte

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