Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Clip of the Week

Welcome to OYE's Clip of the week! We would like to share the sights and sounds of life in El Progreso through the eyes of our volunteers, staff and students.

This week we are focusing on the radio program, OYE el Ritmo. The clip below was taken last Friday in Radio Progreso, a national show seen by many as the voice to the people. OYE students worked together the last few months selling raffle tickets and working to raise money for some radio equipment that they need to continue recording, namely a microphone and speakers. Radio Progreso invited OYE el Ritmo to hold the raffle live on their show. The young woman with the braids is Yarli, she is the student coordinator of the radio and comfortable with the mic. The young man speaking is Gerald; this is his first time on live radio and gets a little nervous...

This was an important step for OYE el Ritmo. Not only were they able to gain experience at a major radio station but also raising money to buy their equipment strengthened bonds and instilled pride in the work they are doing. Enjoy this weeks Clip of the Week.

We are just so excited about Clip of the week here in the office that we thought we would spoil you this week and give you a second! This Clip features Melissa Quijada, the radio coordinator and Oscar one of our students.

Stay tuned for the next Clip of the week.

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Justin Eldridge Otero said...

I love the clips!! Shout out to Oscar and Meli.
What a great idea to raffle MP3 players to raise money locally.