Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OYE el Ritmo--OYE Radio

Hola, my name is Carl (¨Carlos¨ here in Honduras) and I am the newest OYE volunteer! I arrived in El Progreso on August 9th after a month and a half in Guatemala on the advice of a friend from Dumbarton Church in D.C. Back home in New York City I work as a TV sports broadcaster so I will be spending most of my time working with one of OYE´s newest programs, OYE radio.

We have now completed two pilot programs which include local and international news and sports, commentaries on youth issues, interviews, and a top-5 music countdown. Each week, twenty kids get the opportunity to learn all the different sides of a radio show: production, editing, music, news, and presenting. Luis, OYE program coordinator and our radio director, hopes to have OYE el Ritmo on the air in about a month with Radio Progreso (a local radio station in El Progreso) and online at the OYE website. So stay tuned!

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