Thursday, April 10, 2008

The First Two Weeks

I've been here for 2 weeks and most of my work is with kids.

In the mornings, I work in a Nutrition Center where I play with the babies, feed them, bathe them, and help them get ready for their naps. When I finish work there, I ride my bicycle to the office of OYE, where I eat with the staff. At 2 o'clock I am at COPPROME, a home for kids who don't have parents or for kids whose parents can't look after them. There I help the kids do their homerwork. Sometimes it takes a while until everyone is doing his/her homework because the kids would rather play soccer or watch TV. What I like the most at COPPROME, is that after doing their homework, the boys always want to play soccer. It is a lot of fun. At about 5 o'clock I leave COPPROME and my working day has finished. At home, I always take a power nap because working with kids makes everyone tired, but tired in a positive way. After my nap, I start to cook with Erin and Melissa, my housemates. Well, honestly, they cook and I just do the dishes. But of course that's important too. Isn't it?

Sometimes we invite some people to eat in our house and sometimes we get invited. That's really cool. So you keep in touch with the others and you can just hang around and have a good time.

Last weekend we had a great trip to Tela. We stayed at a friend's house on his family's farm. Thanks Chele! We went to the beach all day and made dinner on the grill at night.

This weekend we're invited to a party at the house of some friends. I hope I feel better then because at the moment I feel dizzy and sick. Yesterday I went to a doctor with Erin and the doctor told me that I have an infection of my stomach. Yeah it was a strange visit because everything seemed to be normal until I had to make poupou in a cup. I couldn't belive it, but I guess here it's just business as usual. Whatever....

Today is also a strange day because first I went to COPPROME and nobody was there because they have like a special day, and of course nobody told me that, but I guess I was sick for a few days.

Well, in the next few days I will continue working and I try to take some pictures so that you can see what living in Honduras is like. And in two weeks we'll go to la Moskitia, a beautiful place in the east of Honduras. I'm really excited to go there and see the beautiful rainforest....

You'll hear from me next week...

Saludos Reto

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