Monday, April 28, 2014

Put on your running shoes for the first Race 4 OYE event of 2014.

Since 2010, OYE supporters have organized Race 4 OYE events all over the country, capitalizing on their love for running to promote social good and raise thousands of dollars to support OYE's mission.

Saturday, May 3rd, marks the first Race 4 OYE event of 2014. A team organized by Patrick Ahern, father of co-founder Ana Luisa, will be showing their support for OYE at the 16th Annual Manna 5K Fun Run/Walk at East Potomac Park - Hains Point in Washington D.C.

If you live in Washington D.C., we encourage you to join the Ahern family and friends by registering for the race. While your $30 registration fee goes to support Manna, a NGO dedicated to providing quality housing for low-income persons and families, any additional funds raised go directly towards OYE's scholarship program, which provides over 60 at-risk Honduran youth with the opportunity to continue their high school and university education.

For all of you out there who believe in OYE's mission and the potential of our youth, regardless of whether or not you are a runner or whether or not you are a DC'er, we hope you will join us by making a contribution to this effort. It is because of the support of people like you that we are able to continue with our mission to empower the at-risk youth of El Progreso who benefit from our integrated educational, leadership and community action programs.

Just last year, three Race 4 OYE efforts raised over $9,000 USD for OYE's programs.
  • May 2013 - MANNA 5K Team organized by Patrick Ahern raised $2,775 USD
  • October 2013 - NY Marathon ran by Sam Vigersky raised $4,315 USD
  • November 2013 - Richmond Half-Marathon ran by Matt Trybus and Mary Clay Thomas raised $2,225 USD
Help us kick off 2014's Race 4 OYE fundraising efforts with a successful first campaign. With your support, we can surpass last year's fundraising by miles. (Pun intended.)

To join the Ahern family and friends at the race, you can register HERE.
To make a financial contribution to support this effort, visit our CrowdRise campaign HERE.


Diana Ruiz . H said...

Hi I'm Diana Ruiz scholarship of OYE Adelante Youth Organization belonging to this organization opens many doors for us to continue our training in all areas of our life, please support us if you can make it run for OYE Adelante Youth Organization, the effort would provide us more training for our leaders. Thanks for your time and run away from the OYE Adelante Youth Organization.

Patrick Ahern said...

Thanks so much Diana for your good words. Team OYE is happy to be able to add to the scholarship/leadership fund by running on May 3rd on the Potomac in Washington DC. Keep up your good work in school and in
OYE activities.

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