Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vacations are Over

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The familiar buzz has returned to the offices of OYE! Youth are loitering with intent to learn! This Saturday is the apertura (first day of operations) for OYE's 2013 Capacity Building Classes. On top of the charlas (workshops), OYE's art, radio, magazine, and multi-media project were in full swing today. After 1.5 lagging months of planning the storm of excited youth re-energized the office. It's nice to feel alive!

What were you up to over winter break?

Luis Castro - New Scholarship Student

Luis Castro:
"Over winter break I was working as an assistant at a bakery. Bakery Gladys behind the OYE office."

Returning scholarship student Sthefanie Matute

Sthefanie Alejandra Matute Velasquez:
"Every year around  Christmas I organize a marble  tournament in my community, La Mendieta. This year over 25 kids competed in the tournament and even more volunteered to help. In addition to the marbles, we played soccer.

Returning Scholarship student Kevin Cruz

Kevin Cruz:
"I was in Yoro working during vacation. We were harvesting coffee, and finished just a few days before school started back up."

Returning scholarship student Sandra Fiallos.

Sandra Fiallos:
"Over vacation I read. There were two books. One was Porque las Mujeres Aman Demasiado (Why Women Love to Much). Es un libro muy bonito."

So now that everyone has cut their coffee, baked their bread, read their books, and played with their marbles the offices feel alive. The students are jumping into their community engagement projects and joining Dunia Perdomo for capacity building classes. Dunia, who is a former OYE scholar, is the newest team member. As Program Coordinator she has worked hard to prepare this years Capacity Building Curriculum.

Capacity Building Classes

This year OYE has divided its scholars into three distinct levels based on age and experience. Each level convened as a small focus group to select the themes most important to them. Under the leadership of Program Coordinator, Dunia Perdomo, the following themes were selected:

Level I

Valores 23-Feb
Autoestima 2-Mar
Desintegracion familiar 9-Mar
Violencia intrafamiliar 16-Mar
Noviazgo 23-Mar
Sexualidad I 6-Apr
Sexualidad II 13-Apr
Primeros Auxilios I 20-Apr
Primeros Auxilios II 27-Apr
Redes Sociales 4-May
Realidad nacional I 11-May
Realidad nacional II 18-May

Level II

Valores 16-Feb
Autoestima 23-Feb
Adicción a las drogas 2-Mar
Noviazgo 9-Mar
Sexualidad I 16-Mar
Sexualidad II 23-Mar
Embarazo en adolescentes 6-Apr
Primeros Auxilios I 13-Apr
Primeros Auxilios II 20-Apr
Profesionalismo 27-Apr
Redes Sociales 4-May
Influencia de los medios de comunicación 11-May
Política I 18-May
Política II 25-May

Level III

Inteligencia Emocional 16-Feb
Liderazgo 23-Feb
Sexualidad I 2-Mar
Sexualidad II 9-Mar
Historia de Honduras I 16-Mar
Historia de Honduras II 23-Mar
Cultura hondureña 6-Apr
Primeros Auxilios I 13-Apr
Primeros Auxilios II 20-Apr
Técnicas de estudio y creación de un curriculum 27-Apr
Oratoria 4-May
Derechos humanos 11-May
Política I 18-May
Política II 25-May

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