Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KM2 Solutions Donates 3 New Computers to OYE!

Vanessa Faraj, James Moran, Walter Molinari, Marisol Fuentes and Michael Solis
Many thanks to KM2 Solutions and LUFERGO for donating 3 brand new computers to OYE. The computers now form part of OYE's Salón Creativo, or Creative Room, where youth can use them for a study space, homework, writing, or their projects in art, radio, journalism, and sports at OYE.

Special thanks go to James Moran, Walter Molinari, and Vanessa Faraj from KM2 Solutions for their tireless efforts in supporting OYE. Over 70 people from KM2's staff have already decided to donate a small portion of their monthly salary to OYE, which will benefit OYE's scholarship program. And now KM2 is thinking about how their employees can provide emotional support to OYE, aiding us with capacity building on the ground and with specialized training sessions for youth in San Pedro Sula.

Mil gracias a todos de KM2 Solutions. Your efforts are producing truly positive change at OYE, and we are forever grateful.

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