Monday, May 21, 2012

RACE 4 OYE...who is racing this year?

RACE 4 OYE is back with more racers than ever this season...and they mean business. Check out the photos below for a profile of the racers. Please visit Adela's RACE 4 OYE Blog and the OYE KIDS RACE 4 OYE BLOG to learn more about how you can support our racers and OYE.

Be the the change. RACE 4 OYE!

Adela Chavez, Tegucigalpa, marathoner and relay racer

Dariela Velasquez, 14, El Progreso, OYE kid

Nathaly Alberto, 14, El Progreso, OYE kid

Pao Canales, 14, El Progreso, OYE kid

Erick Estrada, 17, El Progreso, OYE kid

Hadith Alvarado, 23, San Pedro Sula, TV host

Michael Solis, 27, New Jersey, USA, OYE Staff

Chris Benedict, 20, USA, OYE Intern

Do you also want to RACE 4 OYE? If so, contact us at and we'll get you started.

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