Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OYE's Social Media Experiment with 18 Rabbits

We invite all OYE blog readers to follow an exciting social media experiment that will take place at OYE over the next two weeks:
In the next few weeks, the organization 18 Rabbits will begin to chronicle and analyze a social media project intended to raise the visibility of OYE. OYE youth will participate in the campaign through their own Facebook accounts and other social media venues. The goal of this project is to examine how social media can be used by small grass-roots NGOs to gain global visibility and increase support. It will be an open-source social media strategy for non-profits with limited budgets.
We saw the role of social media in the Arab Spring. 18 Rabbits will now employ this medium to promote socio-economic change with live social media from Central America. The WordPress blog will serve as a content management system with multimedia, project updates, and links to the children’s social media activity. We hope that you will subscribe to the blog and follow the progress of this project.
If you are involved in social media, online branding, or other digital strategies, we think that you’ll find this process insightful. Please share it if you find it engaging. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Feel free to contribute your expert advice as well, and we’ll acknowledge your contributions on our blog. We want to make this a global community of contributors, creating a strategy that can be used by NGOs worldwide.
To receive the updates, subscribe now by clicking the “follow” button in the right-hand column of the blog. Please use the share buttons below to help promote this committed humanitarian organization and to participate in this global social media experiment.

Many thanks to Richard Lakin, co-founder of 18 rabbits digital media!

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DeAngelaA.. said...

I'm DeAngela and I'm currently interning with OYE. OYE is an organization that should have more exposure because of the positive change that it is making in the lives of Honduran youth. This project is a great way to expose to the world what OYE is about. I am anxiously waiting for this project to take off, and I can not wait to see the end results!