Saturday, August 13, 2011

Youth of Revista Jóvenes Begin Creative Writing Workshop

The youth of Revista Jóvenes began a capacity building workshop in creative writing with OYE staff member Michael Solis. The first of what will be an 8-week long workshop began with a focus on the art showing versus telling in creative writing, in which the young writers of OYE’s youth magazine reviewed examples to learn the differences between the two writing techniques. During the second half of the workshop, the youth began writing their own stories, selecting from three prompts: 1) a dialogue between two people who dislike each other, 2) an email that someone sent but later regretted, and 3) the description of an object of personal importance. In the coming weeks, the creative writing workshop will provide OYE youth with the tools necessary for writing their own narratives and stories, as well as improving their craft through review, constructive criticism, editing, and dialogue.

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